2.9.17 Council Consolidation Question of the Week: Two Perspectives On Overnight Programs And Availibility

Here is a recent program-related Q&A followed by an article on program by Council Commissioner, Mark Niedzielski


Hello.  I received the mailing about the consolidation possibility.  One question I have is, how will this affect council-wide overnights?  I am thinking particularly about things like the Museum of Science or Paw Sox overnights that are council-wide.  It would seem that these will become either twice as crowded or twice as fast to fill up (harder to get a spot) with consolidation.  Has that been considered?

Pete November


Thanks for the question. Yes, the increased number of projected youth attendees at the different overnight programs has been considered.

The Mayflower Council currently contracts with both the Museum of Science and Paw Sox in advance with the number of spots we need (plus some). The Museum of Science usually can accommodate more if we ask for additional space if our numbers grow. Regarding Paw Sox, unlike Old Colony Council, which simply joins in with the Paw Sox’s standard program, Knox Trail contracts for space to organize our own overnight program and since we’re the only ones there, we can easily expand the number. We are suggesting that when we consolidate, we use the Knox Trail model of organizing our own program and therefore, will have as much space as we need.

Hope this helps.

Bob Dorn

Council Administrator


Consolidation = Program Growth

A consolidated council will not only allow us to strengthen existing
programs; but also make new programs possible.

Both councils have programs which are run infrequently or not at all.  With more youth and volunteers, we can send crews to Philmont Scout Ranch, New Mexico every year instead of every other.  And we can start sending regular crews to the Florida Sea Base and Northern Tier Canoe Base in Wisconsin.  Both councils have experimented with Mountain Biking programs. In a consolidated council we anticipate having the resources to run activities for what has been an increasingly popular activity in

Exploring serves both older youth and those who may not be
interested in traditional Scouting.  A healthy Exploring program will
require the program resources a consolidated council can provide.

Cub Scouts can expect more camping opportunities and activity meets to
support the revised Cub Scout program.

Mark Niedzielski,

Council Commissioner