New Headwaters Eagle Scouts – Nov and Dec 2019

Please join the Headwaters District Advancement team in congratulating the following Scouts on their achievement of the rank of Eagle Scout with the completion of their Board of Review in October 2019:

  • Brendan H. – Troop 1 Southborough
  • Ashby N. – Troop 4 Milford
  • Samuel C. – Troop 100 Bellingham
  • Shane M. – Troop 232 Ashland
  • Ethan R. – Troop 1 Hopkinton
  • Connor Z. – Troop 8080 Franklin
  • Benjamin T. – Troop 8080 Franklin
  • Noah L. – Troop 112 Franklin
  • Brendan C. – Troop 126 Franklin
  • Nathan M. – Troop 14 Bellingham
  • Zane W. – Troop 1 Southborough
  • Declan F. – Troop 126 Franklin
  • Charles T. – Troop 112 Franklin

It is an honor and privilege to congratulate these exceptional Scouts for their achievement. As less than 5% of Scouts become Eagles, these are truly the best of the best, the most dedicated, and the most determined to succeed!


Once an Eagle Scout, Always an Eagle Scout!

Headwaters District Commissioners & Units

Position Name Units Assigned
District Commissioner
Pack 67 Milford
Pack 3204 Milford
Unit Commissioner
Pack 31 Marlborough
Pack 41 Marlborough
Pack 42 Marlborough
Unit Commissioner
Peter Geromini
Pack 126 Franklin
Troop 126 Franklin
Unit Commissioner
Clark Hockenbury
Troop 2 Milford
Troop 4 Milford
Troop 219 GT Milford
Troop 314 Milford
Asst. District Commissioner
Tim Howe
Pack 25 Northborough
Pack 28 Northborough
Pack 55 Northborough
Unit Commissioner
Pack 17 Franklin
Pack 92 Franklin
Troop 29 Franklin
Troop 99 Franklin
Asst. District Commissioner
Troop 1 Northborough
Troop 2 Marlborough
Troop 41 Marlborough
Troop 101 Northborough
Troop 303 Marlborough
Unit Commissioner
Margie Wiggin
Pack 97 Hopkinton
Pack 3004 Hopkinton
Troop 1 Hopkinton
Troop 4 Hopkinton
Troop 11 Hopkinton
Unit Commissioner
Joan Wordell
Pack 3104 Hudson
Troop 77 Hudson
Troop 512 Hudson
Troop 512 GT Hudson

December Roundtable

Below are the event flyers, training newsletter and other information from the December Roundtable.

2019 Museum of Science Overnight

2019-2020 District Award of Merit Form

2019-2020 District-Awards Form

Mayflower Training News December 2019

Scouts BSA Klondike – Hosted by the Sachem District

Webelos Klondike Flyer – Hosted by the Sachem District

December Training Newsletter

Click on the image to download.

Council Service Center Adverse Weather Policy

With our first major snow of the 2019-2020 winter the council would like to remind our community about our adverse weather policy.  The council follows the lead of the Canton & Marlborough school systems when setting it’s adverse weather policy.  If Marlborough Public Schools close, so does the Marlborough Service Center and if the Canton Public Schools close, so does the Canton Service Center.  If the Marlborough or Canton Public Schools announce a delay (1 hour delay for example) the respective council service center delays it’s opening by the same time. We encourage everyone to follow the weather and school closure reports of our media partner WCVB Channel 5 in order to stay informed and up to date on school closings and weather alerts.