COPE and Climbing Course

Would you like to learn how you can safely manage or staff Cope and Climbing programs for your camp, district or unit? Join fellow Scouters this spring for a 2 weekend training course on 5/29-31 and 6/12-14.  The Spirit of Adventure Council is hosting this training.  It will be held at Base Camp, 411 Unquity Road, Milton, MA.

This course will help you to solidify your climbing knowledge and skills.  It will cover current policies and standards of  the Boy Scouts of America climbing program.

This course is intended for anyone 15 years of age or older  (age exceptions with course leaders consent).

While there is an advantage to having a climbing background, one is not required.

You are welcome to bring your own climbing gear (harness, helmet and climbing shoes), but it is not required.  All gear that is required for the completion of this course will be provided.

Upon successful completion of this course, based on experience, judgement and skill displayed, you will receive a certificate as a “BSA Climbing/Cope Instructor 1 (good for 1 year) or 2 (good for 3 years).    Previously trained level 1 or 2 may use this course to be re-evaluated.

Lodging and meals for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are included.

The cost for this course is:  $125.00

For more information, please contact Mike Jones.

Example of Weekend Syllabus
Register Here

February Roundtable – Cranberry Harbors

Below are the event flyers, training newsletter and other information from the February Roundtable.


Cranberry Harbors District Dinner

2020 Scouting Report to the Commonwealth Flyer

2020 Staff Flyer Camp Resolute and Squanto

Cranberry Harbors Dist Pinewood Derby


2020 Polar Challenge Freeze Out

Mayflower training news Feb 20

Outdoor Ethics Guide Course

Cranberry Harbors Roundtable Slides


An Important Update from the Mayflower Council

Dear Scouting Community,

Today, the national organization of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to achieve two key objectives: equitably compensate victims who were harmed during their time in Scouting and continue to carry out Scouting’s mission for years to come.

 I want to highlight important points that are most relevant to the Mayflower Council:

  • The Mayflower Council has not filed for bankruptcy. Our Council is legally separate, distinct and financially independent from the national organization.
  • Scouting programs will continue. This means that unit meetings and activities, district and council events, other Scouting adventures and countless service projects will take place as usual. In short, we expect no changes to the local Scouting experience in the Mayflower Council.
  • Scouting is safer now than ever before. Over many years, we’ve developed some of the strongest expert-informed youth protection policies found in any youth-serving organization. I can also assure you that our volunteers and employees take youth protection extremely seriously and do their part to help keep kids safe.
  • Restricted donations – past, present or future – can only be used for their designated purpose. In addition, Friends of Scouting (FOS) and other annual donations made to our Council will continue to fund necessary day-to-day expenses that are critical to local Scouting programs.

While we do not anticipate the national organization’s bankruptcy filing will have any direct impact on the local Scouting experience or your involvement with our Council, I understand you may still have questions about these issues and things you will see in the news. To that end, the national organization has established a dedicated restructuring website,

This site includes a helpful Resources page, where you will find a short video explaining what Chapter 11 means for Scouting, as well as a FAQ. The site’s Milestones page will be your best source for the latest updates throughout this process.

If you have any questions about local Scouting, you can always feel free to reach out directly to me or your usual contact within our Council.

Through your engagement and dedication to Scouting, the Mayflower Council will continue to bring adventures, values and lifelong benefits to youth and our communities for generations to come. Thank you for your trust and support as we continue this important mission.


Yours in Scouting,

Bryan Feather
Scout Executive / CEO

New Headwaters Eagle Scouts – January 2020

Please join the Headwaters District Advancement team in congratulating the following Scouts on their achievement of the rank of Eagle Scout with the completion of their Board of Review this past month:

  • Steven M. –  Troop 100 Westborough
  • Colin K. – Troop 92 Southborough
  • Justin B. – Troop 2 Milford
  • Andrew Z. – Troop 1 Southborough
  • James G. – Troop 512 Hudson
  • Nicholas D. – Troop 4 Hopkinton
  • Noah A. – Troop 8080 Franklin
  • Paul P. – Troop 51 Marlborough
  • Reed P. – Troop 51 Marlborough
  • Frederick P. – Troop 51 Marlborough
  • Joshua D. – Troop 8080 Franklin
  • Brendan J. – Troop 8080 Franklin
  • William F. – Troop 99 Worcester
  • Maxwell C. – Troop 100 Westborough

It is an honor and privilege to congratulate these exceptional Scouts for their achievement. As less than 5% of Scouts become Eagles, these are truly the best of the best, the most dedicated, and the most determined to succeed!


Once an Eagle Scout, Always an Eagle Scout!


Buy a Patch & Help Scouts in Australia

When disaster strikes, Scouts step up.

They’ve been there after tornadoes, wildfires and hurricanes destroyed homes and uprooted lives in communities across our country.

This time, even though the disaster is a little farther from home, it affects the Scouting family all the same.

Scouts Australia is selling patches to benefit Scouts who lost their homes in the country’s devastating wildfires. Their goal: to make sure these Scouts can “remain connected to Scouting as they work through this traumatic period,” according to Scouts Australia’s official site.

Like the Boy Scouts of America, Scouts Australia is a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement. There are more than 50 million Scouts across 171 countries, and these Aussie Scouts wear the purple World Crest just like we do.

Many BSA members were able to meet Australian Scouts at the 2019 World Scout Jamboree, held last summer at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia.


About the council patch order patch
The Mayflower Council is pleased to provide an opportunity for Scouts, Scouters, units and friends o order patches as part of group purchase to reduce shipping costs from Australia. The patches cost $4 dollars each and include shipping to you once they are received. Click here to order your patches now. Order deadline is 11:59pm on February 28.

100% of the proceeds will benefit Scouts Australia.

“Australian Scouts thank our international Scouting friends for your support during this difficult time,” a message on the order page says.

Questions answered from January Roundtable

Hello Headwaters,

A lot of questions were asked at our January Roundtable! Below are the answers to the questions we had.

  1. How long can an unregistered youth attend unit events without registering?  Are they covered by BSA insurance? – A Scout may attend a trip, meeting or overnight to see if joining the unit is the right fit for them. For these occasional events, the prospective youth is covered by the BSA’s liability insurance. Unit leaders should use their discretion and good judgement to avoid a youth from creating a pattern for participation without being registered.
  2. What is the difference between a “Near Miss Incident” and an “Incident”
    1. A near miss is an incident that did not result in injury, illness, or damage by definition but that had the potential to have done so. Reporting these is important in order to track dangerous conditions or situations that arise during your unit’s program.
    2. Here is the link to the BSA’s incident reporting website:
  3. Does a Charter Organization’s insurance become involved when an incident occurs? – This depends on the incident. At our Roundtable we talked about approved and not-approved Scouting activities that units can look up in the Guide to Safe Scouting (Link here). If a unit is intentionally not following the GSS, a Charter Organization could be liable for damages or injuries that occur. Charter Organization Representatives should communicate with Committee Chairs and Unit Leaders to ensure that Safe Scouting practices are being followed on trips and at meetings. (Link to Age Appropriate Guidelines for Scouting Activities and Link to Age Appropriate Camping Guidelines)
  4. How many Scouts can share a tent at summer camp? What about when there is an odd number of Scouts? – The troop should use their best judgement in this situation.  There is no reason why a youth can not be alone in a tent if the Troop leaders expect them to be responsible. Troops probably shouldn’t have a first year Scout alone in a tent if it can be avoided.


Make sure to sign up for Mayflower Today, the Council’s weekly newsletter, at the bottom of the website!  It has launched a new, biweekly segment called “You Ask, We Answer” where your questions will be answered and shared.  Submit your questions at this link!

Please join us the first Thursday of the month at Milford High School at 7:00 pm for more news, training, information and Scouting connections!

February Roundtable

Below are the event flyers, training newsletter and other information from the February Roundtable.


Cranberry Harbors District Dinner

2020 Scouting Report to the Commonwealth Flyer

2020 Staff Flyer Camp Resolute and Squanto

Cranberry Harbors Dist Pinewood Derby


2020 Polar Challenge Freeze Out

Post Road District Dinner

Headwaters District Dinner

Headwaters Pinewood

Mayflower training news Feb 20

Outdoor Ethics Guide Course

February Roundtable

Below are the event flyers, training newsletter and other information from the February Roundtable.


Summer Camp Openings

Square Knot

Report To The Commonwealth

Providence Bruins Game

Polar Challenge

New Member Coordinator

New Member Coordinator Page 2

February Training Newsletter

February Training Newsletter Page 2

District Nomination Form

District Award of Merit Page 2

District Award of Merit Form

February Training Newsletter


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James E. West Recipients
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