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Halloween Recruiting Ideas

October 20th, 2021|0 Comments

With Halloween just around the corner, here are some great recruitment ideas for your Cub Scout or pack to use to recruit new Cub Scouts and families to join the Scouting program. These can [...]

BSA Incident Reporting Requirements

October 15th, 2021|0 Comments

Incident Reporting will be a highly monitored reporting area in the Scout post-bankrupt operating environment. We need to ensure that all Scout leaders understand what Incident Reporting is and why it is important that [...]

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Gerald SalvatoriDistrict Chairperson
Dave EmhardtDistrict Commissioner


Position Area Covered Name
District Commissioner Dave Emhardt
Asst. District Commissioner Internet Tools Hank Goldman
Asst. District Commissioner Bridgewater Jim Hogrell Sr.
Asst. District Commissioner Weymouth Vacant
Roundtable Commissioner Cub Scouting Beverly Levine
Roundtable Commissioner Scouts BSA, Venturing, Sea Scouting Henry Colageo
Unit Town Unit Commissioner Unit Town Unit Commissioner
P1 Brockton Steve Boudreau T1 Brockton Steve Boudreau
P2 Weymouth Brian Chase/Waldon Larossee T1G Brockton Steve Boudreau
P9 Weymouth Vacant T2 Weymouth Brian Chase/Waldon Larosee
FP12 Rockland Beverly Levine T8 Weymouth Vacant
P19 Braintree Hank Goldman T9 Weymouth Joseph McKay
FP22 Braintree Natalee Dantuono T13G Avon Mark Vecchione
FP24 Stoughton John Fink T17 Brockton John Fink
FP28 E. Bridgewater Terri Levesque T19 Weymouth Hank Goldman
P31 Bridgewater Wayne Goodwin T22 Braintree Waldon Larosee
FP36 Randolph Fred Wickles T25 W. Bridgewater Wayne Goodwin/Kevin Kourtz
FP41 Abington Beverly Levine T29 E. Bridgewater Jim Hogrell Sr./Kevin Kourtz
FP56 Avon Steve Boudreau/Stephen Baker T29G E. Bridgewater Mark Vecchione
P76 Easton Mike Stecker T31 Bridgewater Wayne Goodwin/Jim Hogrell Sr./Kevin Kourtz
FP77 Canton Dave Emhardt T41 Abington John Fink
FP88 Bridgewater Wayne Goodwin T42 Easton Mike Stecker
FP117 Brockton John Fink T47 Randolph Fred Wickles
FP193 Easton Mike Stecker T56 Holbrook Steve Boudreau/Stephen Baker
FP193 Braintree Natalee Dantuono T57 Rockland Vacant
FP303 Weymouth Hank Goldman T77 Canton Dave Emhardt
FP1496 Braintree Natalee Dantuono T88 Bridgewater Wayne Goodwin/Kevin Kourtz/Mark Vecchione
P2000 Brockton John Fink T92 Weymouth Bryan Chase/Waldon Larosee
T113 Rockland Vacant
T138 Braintree Waldon Larosee
T153 Holbrook Steve Boudreau/Stephen Baker
T193 Easton Mike Stecker
T516 Stoughton John Fink
T1022 Weymouth Vacant
T1046 Brockton Steve Boudreau
T2000 Brockton John Fink
Unit Town Unit Commissioner
C1 Brockton Steve Boudreau
C16 Weymouth Vacant
C29 E. Bridgewater Jim Hogrell Sr./Kevin Kourtz
C41 Abington John Fink
S323 Weymouth Waldon Larosee
Unit Types Key
P – Boys Cub Scouting Pack
FP – Family Cub Scouting Pack
T – Boys Scouts BSA Troop
GT – Girls Scouts BSA Troop
C – Venturing Crew
S – Ship


District Chair Sal Salvatori
District Commissioner Dave Emhardt
Finance Chair Vacant
Membership Chair Frank Ray
Camping Chair Steven Bailey
Advancement Chair Mark Jennings
Activies Chair Dan Toy
Training Chair Rob Lyons
Civic Service Chair Louise Goodwin
Religious Emblems Chair Kate Anderson
Popcorn Kernel Kathryn Caruso
Members at Large
Gene Avrus
Richard Carlson
David Chase
Laurie Cirgnano
Henry Colageo
Lisa Cummings
Steven Fagan
John Fink
Evan Gee
Henry Goldman
Josh Hunt
Christopher Lamie
Ronald Larsen
Beverly Levine
Edward Levine
Mandy Lyons
James McKnight
Cynthia Norton
Robert Peoples
Christopher Schultz
Mike Silvia
Josh Slovin
Michael Stecker
Mark Vecchione
George Viglas
Paula Wood


March Roundtable Handouts

March 8th, 2021|0 Comments

Below are the March Roundtable flyers.   Thanks for all you do for our youth and for Scouting. Mayflower March Training Newsletter  Nomination Forms Philmont Informational Session Virtual Freeze Out FOS Common Questions and Answers [...]

Council-wide July Roundtable

July 17th, 2020|0 Comments

Thank you for joining us at the Council-wide roundtable held on Wednesday, July 15.  Below are a few slides presented at this meeting as well as videos from our Council Commissioner and the national [...]


Unit Type Unit Number Town Family Pack or Boy Pack Unit Type Unit Number Town Scouts BSA
Pack 1 Brockton Boy Troop 1 Brockton Boy
Pack 2 Weymouth Boy Troop 1 Brockton Girl
Pack 9 Weymouth Boy Troop 2 Weymouth Boy
Pack 12 Rockland Family Troop 8 Weymouth Boy
Pack 19 Braintree Boy Troop 9 Weymouth Boy
Pack 22 Braintree Family Troop 13 Avon Girl
Pack 24 Stoughton Family Troop 17 Brockton Boy
Pack 28 E. Bridgewater Family Troop 19 Weymouth Boy
Pack 31 Bridgewater Boy Troop 22 Braintree Boy
Pack 36 Randolph Family Troop 25 W. Bridgewater Boy
Pack 41 Abington Family Troop 29 E. Bridgewater Boy
Pack 56 Holbrook Family Troop 29 E. Bridgewater Girl
Pack 76 Easton Boy Troop 31 Bridgewater Boy
Pack 77 Canton Family Troop 32 E. Bridgewater Boy
Pack 88 Bridgewater Family Troop 41 Abington Boy
Pack 117 Brockton Family Troop 42 Easton Boy
Pack 193 Easton Family Troop 47 Randolph Boy
Pack 196 Braintree Family Troop 56 Holbrook Boy
Pack 303 Weymouth Family Troop 57 Rockland Boy
Pack 1496 Braintree Family Troop 77 Canton Boy
Pack 2000 Brockton Boy Troop 88 Bridgewater Boy
Troop 92 Weymouth Boy
Troop 113 Rockland Boy
Troop 138 Braintree Boy
Troop 153 Holbrook Boy
Troop 193 Easton Boy
Troop 516 Stoughton Boy
Troop 1022 Weymouth Girl
Troop 1046 Brockton Boy
Troop 2000 Brockton Boy
Unit Type Unit Number Town
Crew 1 Brockton
Crew 16 Weymouth
Crew 29 E. Bridgewater
Crew 41 Abington
Ship 323 Weymouth