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Top Selling Scouts and Units in 2020

2020 was a tough year for all of our units to fundraise. Our Scouts and units reached record sales for online selling earning money for their Scouting adventures. Congratulations!

One unit who never sold before challenged their Scouts to sell online. Those Scouts rose to the challenge and sold over $18,000.00 online in just a few short weeks.

Top Selling Scouts
Top Selling Units

Metacomet District Roundtable – February

Thank you for attending the February Metacomet District Roundtable.  Below are the slides that were presented as well as a couple of flyers.

February 2021 Metacomet District Roundtable

Philmont 2022

District Awards

2021 Freeze Out

Happy 100th Birthday Mr. Maher!

On January 27, 2021, Mr. Cornelius C. Maher celebrated his 100th Birthday in the company of some of the many Scouts he helped lead back in the 1960’s during his tenure as committee chairman with Troop 31, Newton, MA. A special Zoom meeting was set up for his Scouts, including eight Eagle Scouts, who joined in from across the country. Mr. Maher, a B-17 WWII pilot, is an Eagle Scout, Class of 1936, Vigil Member of the Order of the Arrow and a Founding Member of the Nobscot Alumni Association. A former executive with The United Fruit Company (now Chiquita Brands International), Mr. Maher enjoyed the celebration with his three Eagle Scout sons and his daughter, a former Girl Scout. During the Troop Muster, he was quick to point out that his birthday marks the start of his 101st year! Happy 100th Birthday Mr. Maher and thank you for your service!

2021 Klondike Derby

Are you missing Klondike this year? Then join us in a virtual Klondike Derby! Work together with your den or patrol to complete winter activities on your schedule, whenever and wherever you want. All participating Scouts will receive a patch mailed after the event.

This event is open to all Scouting units (packs, troops, crews, posts, ships) in Mayflower Council.  This event is being organized by the Sachem District.

Registration deadline is March 9, 2021.

Cost is $5.00 each

Additional patches can be purchased for $5.00 each.

Check out the leaders guide for more information!

This Klondike can be completed at any time from 2/10/2021 – 3/10/2021 The events can be completed anywhere that you would like, such as a park or other public grounds, that you choose, is available, and does not have regulations that the events could violate. Please sign up prior to beginning the event . There are five stations that can be completed in any order, and do not need to be completed in one day. The team can be the whole unit, or the unit can be divided into several groups and each is its own team. The unit may decide on a scoring system, if desired. All Scouts should dress appropriately including hats, gloves, boots, socks (have extra on sled).

  • first Aid – teamwork
  • ice rescue
  • fire building
  • orienteering
  • knot
  • river crossing

Cook an easy lunch on the trail using what you carry on the sled.

Sign Up Here

2021 Virtual Freeze Out

Fire Up Your Scouts for the 2021 Virtual FREEZE OUT!

All Scout BSA units in Mayflower Council are invited to participate.

Have your patrols tune up those sleds for this year’s Freeze Out adventure. Your Scouts will hone cold weather skills, participate in a variety of races, competitions, and take home memories for a lifetime. There will not be any troop vs. troop competition this year, rather troops can compete Scout vs. Scout or patrol vs. patrol. Your choice!!

This is the first virtual Freeze Out!  Each unit can decide when, where, and how to hold your troop freeze out.  We are here to help you create a fantastic adventure for your Scouts.

Troops and Scouts will receive:

  • Ribbons for each event (1st, 2nd, 3rd) these will be mailed to the troop when registration closes.
  • Council support & some “suggested” outdoor winter ideas, suggestions and guidelines, these will be emailed to you.
  • Special 2021 Freeze Out patch per participant will be mailed to the troop after the event.
  • Additional patches can be purchased for $5.00 ea.

When:  Pick any weekend in March – troops will decide what day(s) works for them.

Location: Troops decide on a location that works for them and their group size(s). You may now schedule to hold your event at one of the Mayflower Council camps.  Tent camping is now open at Camp Resolute, Camp Squanto, and Nobscot Scout Reservation or another location of your choosing.

Cost:  $10.00 per Scout, adults are free

Proposed activities but are not limited to:

  1. fire starting
  2. knot knowledge
  3. lashing structure build
  4. bear bag
  5. obstacle course
  6. patrol winter emergency shelter
  7. cross the creek (crates and planks)
  8. panning for gold (tarp and ping pong balls)

Video contest – Troops are invited to have their Scouts take short videos of their event.  Videos will be judged and ribbons awarded for funniest video, best original event, best appearance of Scout spirit.  You will receive a link to upload your videos once registration closes.

This event is being sponsored by the Headwaters District.

Register Here

District Award Nominations

Below you will find nomination forms for recognizing Scouters at the unit and district levels.  As well as nationally recognized nomination forms.

Nomination form for District Awards – due March 15

  • Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Venturing crew advisor, committee chair (for any unit) and charter organization representative of the year awards
  • Unsung Hero Award – someone who goes above and beyond in the district.
  • “Sparkplug” – each pack, troop, or crew can recognize one of their adult leaders for going above and beyond.

Nomination for the District Award of Merit – due March 15

The District Award of Merit is a council award presented by districts in the same manner that the Silver Beaver is a national
award presented by councils. The award is available to Scouters who render service of an outstanding nature at the district level.

These nomination forms must be sent via email to:  Mayflower Awards

The district key 3 typically will present the awards at the annual district recognition dinner.

Download the fillable PDF
District Awards Form

Download the 
District Award of Merit Form

District Award of Merit

The District Award of Merit is presented to registered Scouters who render service of an outstanding nature at the district level. Nominations must be made on the national nomination form and must be received no later than March 15, 2021.

Completed nominations must be sent via email to:  Awards@mayflowerbsa.org. The awards will be presented at the District’s Recognition Dinner.

Environmental Protection Agency – 50 Years

50th Anniversary  – Program Term: January 1 – December 31, 2021

The Environmental Protection Agency, as part of a public awareness campaign to celebrate its first 50 years, has partnered with the Boy Scouts of America to create an award for members of troops, crews and ships. This new award will recognize youth who research and learn about the subjects of human health and the environment, as the EPA develops its vision for the next 50 years.

The objective of the EPA award is to combine a variety of disciplines to challenge and educate youth; introduce them to the breadth of the EPA’s involvement in environmental protection and conservation; and encourage them to research, investigate, experiment, demonstrate, survey, and study air pollution, water pollution, solid and hazardous waste, and ocean dumping.

Members must earn the Public Health merit badge and three additional merit badges from selected categories. Finally, they must participate in an environmental/public health community service project as part of an approved Scouting program.

Download the application here.

Completed applications are submitted to the local Scout Shop to receive the commemorative patch.

Congratulate your Eagle Scout!

Congratulate an Eagle Scout in a Special Digital Edition of Scout Life

Scout Life is honored to introduce the special digital edition to honor and celebrate the Eagle Scout Class of 2020, including the inaugural class of female Eagle Scouts, all of whom earned the highest rank in the Scouts BSA program while navigating unprecedented challenges last year. Families with either a young man or young woman (or both!) who earned the Eagle Scout Award last year are welcome to commemorate their Scout’s achievement in this issue.

To honor Scouts that earned the Eagle Scout rank in 2020, those who want to commemorate a Scout’s achievement can buy an ad in a special digital edition of Scout Life, which will be available in the Scout Life app (available at the App Store and on Google Play) and on scoutlife.org at the end of January. 

Submissions can include photos for each advertisement, as well as a special message. The deadline to purchase an ad is January 27, 2021. Pricing is $450 for a full-page ad, $300 for a half-page ad and $200 for a quarter-page ad.

If you have any questions, please contact kendra.tidwell@scouting.org.

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