Headwaters January 2021 RT Powerpoint

Thank you to everyone that joined us on January 7, 2020 Roundtable!
We hope everyone had a good holiday season, happy new year to all, welcome back to what is going to be a great year of Scouting!

Below is the powerpoint from our Roundtable, please access it to see what we discussed and the points we discussed.

1.7.2021 Roundtable Powerpoint

There are also many helpful links below:

  • COVID-19 Updates to Advancement from the BSA:  Link Here
  • Bryan on Scouting – Getting ready for Pinewood Derby Events/Virtually – Link Here

Talk to you all soon! Thank you for everything you do!

Headwaters December 2020 RT Powerpoint

Thank you to everyone that joined us on December 3, 2020 Roundtable!
We hope everyone had a good holiday season, happy new year to all!

And a HUGE congrats to every unit that submitted their chartering paperwork on time!

Below is the powerpoint from our Roundtable, please access it to see what we discussed and the points we discussed.

12.3.2020 Roundtable Powerpoint

There are also many helpful links below:

Headwaters District Units

This is a complete list of our current units in the Headwaters District.  To get in touch with these units, apply to them, ask for more information, or see where they are located in their town, go to BeAScout.org and search for Packs, Troops, Crews, and Posts near your zip code!

Pack 17 Franklin Troop 1 Mendon Crew 21 Hudson
Pack 24 Marlborough Troop 1 Northborough Crew 100 Westborough
Pack 28 Northborough Troop 1 Hopkinton Crew 129 Franklin
Pack 31 Marlborough Troop 1 Southborough Crew 316 Marlborough
Pack 41 Marlborough Troop 1 Hopedale
Pack 42 Marlborough Troop 2 Marlborough Post 85 Westborough
Pack 55 Northborough Troop 2 Milford
Pack 67 Milford Troop 4 Milford
Pack 92 Franklin Troop 4 Hopkinton
Pack 97 Hopkinton Troop 11 GT Hopkinton
Pack 100 Westborough Troop 14 Bellingham
Pack 126 Franklin Troop 29 Franklin
Pack 926 Southborough Troop 41 Marlborough
Pack 3001 Ashland Troop 44 Mendon
Pack 3004 Hopkinton Troop 77 Hudson
Pack 3033 Westborough Troop 92 Southborough
Pack 3104 Hudson Troop 99 Franklin
Pack 3204 Milford Troop 100 Westborough
Pack 3401 Hopedale Troop 100 Bellingham
Pack 3501 Mendon Troop 101 Northborough
Pack 3601 Southborough Troop 126 Franklin
Troop 219 GT Milford
Troop 232 Ashland
Troop 303 Marlborough
Troop 314 Milford
Troop 382 Westborough
Troop 512 Hudson
Troop 512 GT Hudson
Troop 823 GT Northborough

Headwaters November Roundtable Powerpoint

Hello Headwaters,

We hope you are joining us for our November 5th virtual roundtable.

The Agenda for our Roundtable is:

  • Welcome
  • Opening
  • Recharter update
  • Training update
  • District news
  • Safety minute: Winter sports
  • Breakouts
    – Cub scout breakout: Keeping your cub scouts having fun
    – Scouts BSA breakout: How to conduct socially distant ceremonies

You can follow along with our slideshow that we have included below!

November 5th, 2020 Roundtable slides

Headwaters Recharter Info 2020

Rechartering time is here!

Earlier this month every Unit’s Committee Chair and Charter Organization Representative should have received an email with your Unit’s personal rechartering code.  Using that code, you can follow the steps at Mayflower Council’s Rechartering Webpage to begin this year’s re-chartering.

An important Note: The Mayflower Council Office in Milford MA is NOT available for unscheduled stop-ins. Please go to the link above for applications and paperwork that you need. If you need items from the Council office, please get in touch with Rob Hillman: rob@mayflowerbsa.org

To begin:

  1. Make sure you have your Unit’s code. If you do not see the email, please send an email to Headwaters@mayflowerbsa.org to get in touch with our District Key 3 who can provide your specialized code.
  2. Next: Make sure to select: BEGIN RECHARTERING FOR PACKS, TROOPS, CREWS, SHIPS & POSTS to start this year’s rechartering. Once you have started it, you can use the other link to CONTINUE PREVISOULY STARTED PACK, TROOP, CREWS, SHIPS & POSTS, but for the first login this year, you must BEGIN.
    Help From your Commissioners:

Our District Commissioner Corps has put together a plan and helpful documents to assist you and your Unit with this year’s rechartering.

Here is what is being provided:

Questions? Email:  Headwaters@mayflowerbsa.org

Headwaters October Roundtable Powerpoint

Hello Headwaters,

Thank you for joining our October 1st Roundtable.

The Agenda for our Roundtable is:

  1. A fireside chat with our Council Key 3
  2. Some discussion of Rechartering (opened for Unit Key 3 members on my.scouting.org as of October 1st)
  3. Journey To Excellence
  4. Youth Protection Training
  5. Breakout sessions for Cub Scout Units, and Scouts BSA Troops/Venture Crews

You can follow along with our slideshow that we have included below!

October 1st Roundtable slides

Headwaters June 4th Roundtable Follow up

Hello Headwaters

Thank you to the Pack and Troop leaders that joined our Roundtable team on Thursday for a conversation about the recent changes and announcements to Scouting.  We appreciate everyone that shared their thoughts, questions, concerns and comments through our anonymous Google Survey (link below).  These concerns will be analyzed by our District Leadership and brought to the conversation with the Council Key 3 and other District Key 3s.

The Council is planning to hold two Council-wide Roundtables so that we can collaborate and answer questions as Scouting and the state of Massachusetts start to reopen and update safety measures.  They are scheduled for July 15th and August 19th.

At our Roundtable we showed a few items on our screen that everyone asked to have sent to them, so we have attached the documents below:

1 – Troop 14 Bellingham shared a Super Cub Summer Passport – 2012SuperCubSummerPassportEDIT

2 – they also shared a Summertime Passport for Cubs to check off the activities they complete on their own – SummertimePassport2014

3 – Scoutmaster from Troop 22 Whitman has shared their April Virtual Campout agenda –  April_Virtual_Campout

Take a look at these resources and make edits for what works best for your Pack, Troop or Crew!

Our message from last night: The only limit to what we can still do as Scouting Units is our own imagination.  Let’s get creative and find the new way to provide an excellent Scouting program!

Additional links:

– Trainings – https://www.mayflowerbsa.org/program/adult/training/

– Popcorn Kickoff Meetings:

– Summer Camp Resident camp FAQ – https://www.mayflowerbsa.org/scouts-bsa-summer-camp-faq/

– Adventure Day Camp – https://www.mayflowerbsa.org/cub-scout-summer-camp-update/

April Roundtable: More Remote Programming ideas

Thank you to all Cub Scout leaders that joined us for both the April 2nd Virtual Roundtable and the Cub Scout Check-in virtual meeting on April 22nd.  We appreciate everyone sharing their ideas and plans for remote programming for their Units!

Below is an update to our working document of Scouting at Home ideas for Cub Scout Packs:

Cub Scout Program Ideas: COVID-19

  • Build a Kahoot game for different activities/adventure loops/scouting history
  • Virtual scavenger hunt
    • Ex. The first person to bring me a/an ___ gets a point. The person with the most points gets bragging rights
  • Paper airplane contest
  • Outdoor scavenger hunt
    • Send out a list of objects/items to take pictures of and bring to the next virtual meeting. Ex. pinecone, round rock, 5 different shaped leaves, etc.
  • Virtual Pack/Den meeting openings: put together different recordings of scouts saying the pledge, oath, and law and use them for meeting openers.
  • Scout law in action:
    • My family is doing ___ to be Trustworthy during quarantine.
  • Invite people to your den/pack meetings
    • This includes firefighters, nurses, ecotarium employees, police officers, etc.
  •  Make up a secret code and have scouts try and decode it.
  • Prepare a meal (older) or make a nutritious snack (younger)
  • Write thank-you notes
  • Be Prepared: Create/update an emergency preparedness kit for the house
  • Plant a seed: Start a mini in-home garden/plant a flower inside. Discuss what makes plants grow and how to care for plants.
  • Energy-saving projects to do around the house: Discuss what it means to conserve energy and why it’s important.
  • Make a puzzle out of paper (draw/print out a picture and cut it into different pieces. Then number the pieces and try to solve the puzzle with the den)
  • Family history/family tree: discuss where your family comes from and draw your immediate family on a family tree. Share what you found out about your nationality
  • Make a den/pack cookbook with the favorite thing you’ve had/baked during quarantine
  • Take a virtual tour of an aquarium. Talk about the things you’ve learned. https://www.neaq.org/visit/at-home-events-and-activities/
  • Host a song/story night with the pack/den and have scouts share stories or songs they know. Ask in town troop(s) to help put on a skit, story, or song.
  • Take a virtual tour of a National Park. Talk about the things you’ve learned. https://www.travelandleisure.com/trip-ideas/national-parks/virtual-national-parks-tours
  • Create a piece of art, whether a 4 box comic strip, self-portrait, or freestyle image and share with everyone what you did. Host a virtual art show with the art and invite teachers, parents, and local town officials.


Zoom Meeting Scavenger Hunt:

A scout is trustworthy. This means you are honest and can be relied on. For example, if your neighbor went on vacation, you could be trusted with their spare key. Bring me a key.

A scout is loyal. This means you are dedicated to a person or group. Bring me something that shows you’re loyal. It can be an award, belt loop, trophy, or medal.

A scout is helpful: you are giving and ready to help. I bet you and your family have donated money to a charity. Bring me a bill of any kind: 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100.

A scout is friendly: you are kind and pleasant to your friends. Bring me a picture of or a gift from a friend.

A scout is courteous. You are polite and have good manners. For example, when you are eating, you always use a napkin. Bring me a napkin.

A scout is kind. You always behave in a way that shows you care. If a family member were sick, you would bring them something to make them feel better. What is it? Go get it. (medicine)

A scout is obedient. You are willing to follow directions or orders. A scout will clean his room if told to do so. A dog will sit when told to sit. Show me a picture of a dog.

A scout is cheerful. You are happy and a joy to be around. You smile and make others smile. Show me your happy face.

A scout is thrifty. We are learning how to use our money and resources carefully, not to be wasteful. Many families use coupons to help save money. Bring me a coupon.

A scout is brave. Many scouts have or will need to face danger or fear. When a scout gets hurt, they will be brave and keep going but may need first aid. Bring me a Band-Aid or gauze.

A scout is clean. You all are learning to keep your home and belongings safe from germs and dirt. Bring me a broom.

A scout is reverent. This means you show respect. Some show reverence to God or a group of people. Everyone shows reverence to their family. Bring me something that represents your religion or bring me a family photo.


We have ALSO posted ideas for remote programming at the following links:

Rank Advancement and Covid-19: April Update

UPDATED 4/13/20 – The most recent updates are indicated by a diamond in front of the question.


Q: How can advancement be tracked remotely?

Scouting units should use Scoutbook to record and track advancement.

To track advancement remotely, parents should:

  • Connect with their child’s member profile via an invitation that the unit leader sends within Scoutbook. You may also connect to your youth via the Scouting app “Add a Parent connection.”
  • Once a connection is made, the parent should use the Scouting app, found in both the App Store and on Google Play, to stay connected with their unit.
  • The Scouting app provides parents the ability to report any advancement that was completed at home.

Learn more about how to start using Scoutbook and how to connect parents to their Scouts at Scoutbook.com.

Advancement — Cub Scouts

Q: May parents sign off on Webelos and Arrow of Light requirements?

Yes. Through July 31, 2020, parents and other adults in the Cub Scout’s family, may sign off on Webelos and Arrow of Light requirements. We strongly encourage that parents use the Scouting App or ScoutBook to record completion of their child’s requirements.

Q: If my den is behind in advancement due to COVID-19, can my Cub Scout continue to work on advancement through the summer?

Yes. Cub Scouts can continue to work on their current den’s advancement through July 31, 2020.  This is to provide any additional time a Cub Scout needs to complete their badge of rank; if they earn their badge of rank prior to July 31, 2020, they may advance to the next rank.

♦ Q: Can the Arrow of Light (fifth-grade dens) requirements fulfill the requirement to visit a troop or attend a troop outing to function as a patrol? 

Yes. Two things to keep in mind, the standard of completion for Cub Scout advancement is “Do Your Best,” so given the circumstances, we want to look at the purpose behind the requirements. Remember that doing nothing is never doing your best. 

Dens can visit a virtual troop meeting to see the patrol method and youth leadership in action. Since the den cannot attend a troop campout or outing, the idea is for the den to function as a patrol while attending the virtual troop meeting. During this time, a virtual den meeting where the den functions as a patrol can be done. Elect a patrol leader, pick a patrol name, play a virtual game together as a patrol. Plenty of opportunities to Do Your Best to meet the intention of the requirement. Remember to maintain all youth protection standards online.

Advancement — Scouts BSA, Venturing and Sea Scouts

♦ Q: Can merit badge counseling or Nova/Supernova counseling be done using digital technologies like Zoom or WebEx?

Yes, registered merit badge counselors or Nova counselors/Supernova mentors may work with youth using digital platforms, ensuring that all youth protection measures noted in the Guide to Safe Scouting and BSA’s social media guidelines are in place. In addition to youth protection, the advancement guidelines in Guide to Advancement (GTA) Section 7 are required.

♦ Q: Are merit badge counselors allowed to provide online instruction?
Yes. Merit badge counselors should follow the guidelines in the Guide to Advancement and ensure you are adhering to all youth protection requirements and online communications guidelines. It is acceptable—and sometimes preferable—for merit badges to be taught in group settings, including online instruction. We currently allow group instruction at camp and merit badge midways, fairs, clinics, or similar events. These can be efficient methods, and interactive group discussions can support learning. Gathering a group online can also be beneficial. Guest experts and speakers that assist registered and approved counselors may be more willing to speak to a larger online audience. Slide shows, skits, demonstrations, panels, and various other techniques can also be employed, but as any teacher can attest, not everyone will learn all the material. Therefore, the standards we use to verify that each Scout has fulfilled requirements must not be relaxed. Merit badge counselors must be sure that each Scout has individually gained the knowledge intended. When accomplished, counselors can easily sign off requirements via ScoutBook.

Q: Can I connect directly with my Scouts/Venturers/Sea Scouts if I am a merit badge counselor?
Yes. In ScoutBook, merit badge counselors can now connect directly with the Scouts they are counseling; see https://discussions.scouting.org/t/march-23-2020-scoutbook-updates/165970 NOTE: Scouts/Venturers/Sea Scouts still must get approval from their leader, according to Guide to Advancement  

Q: How will I know if a Scout/Venturer/Sea Scout has obtained approval from their leader to work on a merit badge?
In the member profile, you will see if the leader has signed off with their approval.

Q: What if my member profile shows that my merit badge counselor status has expired:
Check with your council. Local councils may need to upload their latest list of approved merit badge counselors.

Q: Will unit leaders know that a merit badge counselor has connected with one of their Scouts/Venturers/Sea Scouts?
Yes. The unit Key 3 will receive an email that includes the name of the merit badge counselor, the Scout, and the name of the merit badge.

Q: What if I have other merit badge/ScoutBook questions?
See https://help.scoutbook.com/knowledge-base/scoutbook-merit-badge-counselor-council-upload-faq/

♦ Q: What changes have been made to rank advancement/camping requirements given the need to maintain social distancing during this time?
We have implemented temporary changes, detailed below, to allow Scouts to complete rank requirements, detailed below, by video conferencing through September 1, 2020. This deadline will be re-evaluated as needed.
The goal when using video conferencing must be to preserve the ideals and intent of each requirement as best as possible. Scoutmasters or their designee(s) should remain mindful of the Methods of Scouting, such as the Patrol Method, before implementing the modified requirements listed below. Some advancement activities can be completed by video conferencing but not all. For example, virtual visits to a city council meeting, national historic landmarks, museums, and art galleries may be acceptable, but swimming, rifle shooting, and motorboating merit badges cannot be completed virtually.
Even when using video conferencing, all virtual campouts and activities should consist of as many elements found on a normal outdoor campout or activity as possible. The most significant difference is that patrol or troop members are not all in the same location. All existing youth protection policies and digital safety guidelines must be followed.
Tenderfoot rank requirements
1b. – Virtual patrol or troop campouts via video conferencing will be permitted.
2a. – During the same day as your virtual patrol or troop campout, assist in preparing one meal with the help of those with whom you live. Tell your patrol or troop why it was important for each person to share in meal preparation and cleanup.
2b. – During the same day as your virtual campout, demonstrate the appropriate method of safely cleaning items used to prepare, serve and eat a meal.
5a. – Explain the importance of the buddy system as it relates to your personal safety on outings and in your neighborhood. Verbally commit to following the buddy system on your next troop or patrol outing.
7a. – Tell how to display, raise, lower, and fold the U.S. flag.
Second Class rank requirements:
1a & 1c. – Virtual patrol or troop activities via video conferencing will be permitted.
3b. – Using a compass and map together, plan a 5-mile hike approved by your adult leader.
4. – Evidence of wild animals can be demonstrated with information or photos of your local area found online.
5c. – May be completed virtually via video conferencing on dry land.
7c. – Learn about the dangers of using drugs, alcohol and tobacco and other practices that could be harmful to your health. Discuss what you learned with your family and explain the dangers of substance addictions. Report to your Scoutmaster or other adult leader in your troop about which parts of the Scout Oath and Scout Law relate to what you learned.
8a. – May be completed virtually using video conferencing.
8d. – May be completed by comparing costs at three (3) online sites or locations.
First Class rank requirements:
1a – Virtual patrol or troop activities via video conferencing will be permitted.
2e. – On the same day as your virtual campout, serve as the cook. Supervise your assistant(s) in using a stove or building a cooking fire. Prepare the breakfast, lunch, and dinner planned in First Class requirement 2a. Supervise the cleanup.
4a. – By drawing, computer software, or other virtual methods, plan an orienteering course that would cover at least one mile. Explain why measuring the height and/or width of designated items (tree, tower, canyon, ditch, etc.) is helpful. Explain how you would complete your course using a real map and compass.
4b. – Scouts do not need to follow their route.
5a. – Evidence of native plants can be demonstrated with information or photos of your local area found online.
6e. – May be completed on dry land.
9a. – Visit may take place virtually or by phone.
9c. – Outings can include past or future plans.
10. – Invite the potential new member to a virtual meeting or future activity using video conferencing. 

♦ Q: Will virtual camping count toward Order of the Arrow nights camping? 

No, virtual camping will not count toward the 15 nights camping required for membership in the Order of the Arrow. 

♦ Q: Can merit badge requirements be adapted since some elements can’t be completed as stated right now?
The published guidelines for the methodology of the merit badge program and the role of the merit badge counselor is found in the Guide to Advancement, Section It is important to remember that leaders and merit badge counselors must not make additions or deletions to requirements. The Scout is expected to meet the requirements as stated; however, in some cases, virtual “visits” may fulfill the intent of a requirement. When the requirement’s intent cannot be reached virtually, the requirements cannot be completed, and the Scout must wait to complete that badge/requirement. Merit badge counselors signing off on requirements must determine to the best of their ability if the Scout has demonstrated the intended outcome.
All existing youth protection policies and digital safety guidelines must be followed.

♦ Q: Does a Scout need a hard copy of a Blue Card when working on merit badges?
No. Since the introduction of Scoutbook, the BSA has offered Scouts two ways of recording merit badge requirement completion: The Blue Card and Scoutbook. Both remain authorized methods to record merit badge work. Scoutbook is a part of the BSA Internet Advancement system, which means that entering an advancement record in Scoutbook is the same as entering it in Internet Advancement. Anyone with a BSA member ID automatically has access to a Scoutbook account through their my.scouting account.

Q: May time missed due to canceled unit meetings count toward active participation requirements?

Yes. If youth are registered and in good standing, a disruption from COVID-19 virus can be the “noteworthy circumstance” that prevents participation. This policy has been in place for many years and is explained in GTA Topic

Q: May time missed due to canceled unit meetings count toward position of responsibility requirements?

Yes. If youth are registered and unable to meet the expectations of their positions because of COVID-19 disruptions, then units may need to waive or rethink the expectations. Just as youth must not be held to unestablished expectations, they must not be held to expectations that are impossible to fulfill. See GTA Topic, “Positions of Responsibility,” with its six subtopics.

Q: Does the National Council grant extensions of time to complete rank requirements beyond the 18thbirthday for the Eagle or 21st birthday for Summit or Quartermaster?

Yes, but only for the Eagle Scout rank as described in GTA Topic or for Venturing Summit or Sea Scout Quartermaster as described in GTA Topic Unit leadership must become familiar with the five tests under The tests were designed to accommodate such obstacles as those presented by COVID-19 disruptions.

Q: Will youth who are not yet Life Scouts be allowed to apply for an extension to earn the Eagle Scout rank?

Extensions are considered only for Scouts who are Life rank. If, once a Scout achieves Life rank, it turns out that COVID-19 disruptions along the way have left them with insufficient time to complete Eagle requirements, then this may be cited when the time comes to submit an extension request.

Q: May local councils grant extensions?

Mayflower Council is granting extensions for Eagle Scout, Summit Award, and Quartermaster.  Please look at the information at the following link:  https://www.mayflowerbsa.org/petitioning-advancement-extensions/

Normally, that is not allowed. However, due to the current situation—effective immediately and through September 30, 2020—council Scout executives may grant extensions, or delegate authority to the Council Advancement Committee to grant extensions under the following limitations:

  1. It can be established that COVID-19 disruptions were the only circumstances that delayed work on Eagle Scout/Summit/Quartermaster advancement requirements, such as the service project or merit badges. If any other causes were involved, the extension request must go to the National Council following the process outlined in the GTA.
  2. Extensions shall only be granted to youth in Scouts BSA who have already achieved Life rank.
  3. When the council receives a COVID-19-related request for a time extension, the council reviews the request and approves it if appropriate. A written response stating the outcome of the extension request must go to the youth. If approved, the notification must be attached to the youth’s Eagle/Summit/Quartermaster rank application. For Eagle, the extension must not exceed 3 months from the youth’s 18th birthday; for Summit/Quartermaster, the extension must not exceed 3 months from the youth’s 21st birthday.
  4. Upon turning 18, the Scout must submit a completed adult application and successfully complete YPT; their participant code will now be UP for SBSA or VP for Venturing and Sea Scouting.
  5. Extension requests for more than 3 months beyond the youth’s 18th/21st birthday must be sent to the National Service Center following the process outlined in the GTA.

Note: A “month” in BSA advancement is defined as a day from one month to the next. For example, March 5 to April 5.

Q: If youth have already received an extension, can they request additional time due to COVID-19?

Yes. Council Scout executives may grant extensions, or delegate authority to the Council Advancement Committee to grant extensions under the limitations listed above.

Q: What should be done while an extension request is being considered?

Youth should continue to work on advancement in so far as they are able—e.g., independently, or over the phone or videoconference—and at Scouting activities once they resume.

Q: Are extensions required when an Eagle/Summit/Quartermaster board of review must be delayed?

No. Councils may grant Eagle/Summit/Quartermaster boards of review up to six months after the youth’s 18th/21st birthday. See GTA Topic, “Eagle Scout Board of Review Beyond the 18th Birthday.”

See also, GTA Topic, “Boards of Review Through Videoconferencing.”

Q: Are electronic or digital signatures acceptable for rank advancement or for the Eagle/Summit/Quartermaster packets/applications?
Yes. Electronic or digital signatures will be accepted through September 30, 2020.

Q: How can a youth continue to work on advancement requirements if they don’t have internet or high-speed internet for videoconferencing?
Youth may take a picture of their completed activity/requirement and share the work with unit leaders. In keeping with youth protection policies, all communications from youth should be sent to at least two adults. See our Barriers to Abuse for details. Parents or guardians may send advancement work on be

Source for this information: https://www.scouting.org/coronavirus/covid-19-faq/?utm_source=scoutingwire&utm_campaign=swvolunteer4152020&utm_medium=email&utm_content=

Inaugural Class of Female Eagle Scout Extension

Details on Extension for Eagle Boards of Review for Those Who Wish to Be in the Inaugural Class of Female Eagle Scouts

These are historic times for our Movement. The coronavirus pandemic is having a direct impact in many Scouts’ ability to continue on their trail to Eagle – especially having completed all their requirements prior to the boards of review that are to be held from 10/1-31/2020.

Because we want all girls who joined in 2019 and wish to be a part of the Inaugural Class of female Eagle Scouts to have the benefit of such an experience, and after carefully considering recommendations from stakeholders, including feedback from volunteers and professionals, we will be extending the period for boards of review from 10/1/2020 – 1/31/2021. To further support the Inaugural Class, all boards of reviews will be dated with the same date by the National Service Center.

While this notice discusses the Inaugural Class of female Eagle Scouts, the lengthening of the Eagle board of review window is applicable to all Scouts who were granted the inaugural extension, regardless of gender.

As a reminder, all requirements must be completed while the individual is a registered member of Scouts BSA, or as a member of a Venturing crew or a Sea Scouts ship after achieving First Class in Scouts BSA, per the Guide to Advancement.