Charter Renewal Let’s Get It Done!

It is that time of the year again, time for charter renewal. The recharter link is open and can be found here. There are a few things to remember to make the recharter process simple:

  1. If you have applications to turn in, turn them in before you start the process so we can enter those in. Otherwise you will need to input those in during the process.
  2. All registered adults must have an updated background check form on file to remain registered. If you’re not sure if you turned one in, you can contact Marcella at the service center to verify.
  3. If you have not received your access code or have misplaced it, contact your district executive or commissioner and we will get it to you. Remember to register as a new user first and set up your password. After that you can use the regular log in.
  4. Instructions on online rechartering can be found here.

Good luck and as always, contact your district executive if you have questions.

BSA Distinguished Conservation Service Award

Scouts have been working to conserve our planet since the organization’s inception. Now, they can be honored for their work through the BSA Distinguished Conservation Service Awards program.

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Is It Scouting?

What is an official Scouting activity? An official Scouting activity is consistent with the values, charter and bylaws, rules and regulations, operations manuals, and applicable literature of the Boy Scouts of America.

So, what is the program of the BSA? Collectively, it is all the books, literature, training, materials, policies, and guidelines provided by the BSA. The program is not something you create and call Scouting but something that can be found in the resources provided by the BSA. It develops leadership, character, and physical and mental fitness when executed properly

Cabin 18 Getting A Lift

Matt Karpacz of the Hammer Crew placing a new 4 x 6 pressure treated sill plate at Cabin 18 at Nobscot. The cabin had been jacked up and old rotted sill plates and rim joists removed.

New Windows

Peter Lanciano and Matt Karpacz of the Hammer Crew reframed openings and put in 6 new windows in Cabin 31 at Nobscot. Not shown are other loyal members of the Hammer Crew who also worked on this project.

Celebration Event For The Inaugural Class

Mark your calendars for a special event celebrating leadership with America’s First Female Eagle Scouts. On the evening of February 21, 2021, at 8 pm Eastern, the BSA will mark this historic milestone. Plus, Scouts across the nation will be invited to join a national call to service in 2021. Help us ensure every Scout in the Inaugural Class is recognized and celebrated by filling out the form attached.

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Speak A Language Other Than English?

The interpreter strip is a visible sign to others that you’re available for conversation in a language other than English.

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It’s Recharter Time

The chartering process is one of the oldest traditions in Scouting. It is the formal document and process that certifies the agreement between a Chartered Partner chartering a Scouting unit and the Boy Scouts of America.

Rechartering Information

Our Scouts Continue To Shatter Records

Over $121,000 sold online! Mayflower Council Scouts are doing amazing! Let’s keep this total growing.

Trail’s End is launching new incentives to help Scouts hit their goals before the holidays. Your unit will receive an additional $25 Gift Card for every $750 in Online Direct Sales between Thursday, November 5 (8 PM EST) through Thursday, November 26 (8 PM EST).

Scouts will earn bonus Gift Cards, and 15 Scouts will win their choice of an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5!

If You’re Not Registered To Sell Popcorn Online:

  • There’s no better time than now to start! Sale ends on December 31!
  • Free shipping on orders $30 or more directly to your customers.
  • Easy to use and share via social media, text and email with family, friends and neighbors.
  • Download and use the Trail’s End App for contactless ordering and payment.
  • Participate in the sale even if your unit is not selling.
  • Generate revenue for your unit without ever handling product or inventory.
  • Scouts can sell virtually from anywhere.

Text APP to 62771 to get a link to download

Make Popcorn Work For You

2020 Scouting For Food Collection Reporting

Did your unit participate in Scouting For Food? We have heard a number of units collecting an amazing amount of food for their community food pantries. Northborough Scouts collected over 10,000 items while Westborough Scouts brought in 6,800 pounds of food. How much did you collect? Please fill out our brief form below with the amount of food collected and don’t forget to enter your service hours too.

Food Collection Form

To report service hours to JTE, follow the instructions below. Every person and hour counts. Please be sure to use our link to report food collected directly to the council as we do not have access to that data through JTE, only your hours reported roll up to the council score.