Membership Fee Frequently Asked Questions

National Council, Boy Scouts of America Fee Increase FAQ Q: Why are the fees increasing now? A: While costs increase every year, the Boy Scouts of America has worked to keep the annual membership fee as low as possible to make Scouting available to as many young people as possible by subsidizing core costs, including [...]

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Youth Protection Update

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and Mayflower Council are committed first and foremost to keeping youth safe. Part of that commitment includes continually updating our youth protection policies to help ensure we are always on the forefront of youth safety. As you know, one of the BSA’s many barriers to abuse is a mandatory [...]

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BSA Background Check Update – Additional Info

This week the National Council sent out an email about BSA's efforts to strengthen our youth protection practices by requiring periodic background re-checks for adult leaders. We want to clarify what is needed from you, and how this will be handled in our Mayflower Council. Every registered leader needs to review, sign, and turn [...]

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An Update on Scouting Registration Fees

As a valued member of our Mayflower Council Scouting family, we know we owe it to you to be transparent and communicate information we receive promptly. Late Tuesday afternoon, the National Council informed us that registration fees for the Scouting program will increase effective January 1, 2020. This change is primarily due to increasing liability [...]

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Planning Your Next Den Meeting Just Got Easier

If you’re a den leader, you’re going to love the latest update to Scoutbook! The Boy Scouts of America’s online tool for tracking Scouting advancement just rolled out a new update that’s going to make it easier than ever for den leaders to prepare for and lead meetings, track advancement and attendance, and more. 

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Membership Card & Charter Certificate Printing

The Boy Scouts of America is committed to basic operations by putting tools in the hands of volunteers.  For several years now, individuals and unit key 3 have had access to print membership cards through my.scouting. In addition, functionality will be added to my.scouting by January 1, 2019, to enable members of the unit key [...]

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Charter & Membership Processing Update

As many of you are already aware, membership registration has fallen behind due to an unexpected and prolonged situation leaving the Council Service Center short handed for several months.  A solution through Registration Shared Services with the National Council is now in place and we are working feverishly with their help to get all membership [...]

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Creating A Scouting Unit

Not every community, church, school, or organization has a Scouting pack, troop, or crew associated with it. Sometimes, starting a new group is the best way to bring Scouting to your community. With a willing group of volunteers and interested youth, it's easy to get Scouting started near you. How Scouting Units Are Organized Every [...]

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