Membership Card & Charter Certificate Printing

The Boy Scouts of America is committed to basic operations by putting tools in the hands of volunteers.  For several years now, individuals and unit key 3 have had access to print membership cards through my.scouting. In addition, functionality will be added to my.scouting by January 1, 2019, to enable members of the unit key [...]

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Charter & Membership Processing Update

As many of you are already aware, membership registration has fallen behind due to an unexpected and prolonged situation leaving the Council Service Center short handed for several months.  A solution through Registration Shared Services with the National Council is now in place and we are working feverishly with their help to get all membership [...]

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Creating A Scouting Unit

Not every community, church, school, or organization has a Scouting pack, troop, or crew associated with it. Sometimes, starting a new group is the best way to bring Scouting to your community. With a willing group of volunteers and interested youth, it's easy to get Scouting started near you. How Scouting Units Are Organized Every [...]

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Boy Scout/Venturing Peer Recruiting Drawing

MORE FUN WITH FRIENDS - NOVEMBER PEER-TO-PEER RECRUITMENT DRAWING Scouting is even more enjoyable when Scouts can participate with their friends. This is designed to encourage Scouts to bring in new membership by inviting their friends to participate in what the Scouting program has to offer. Scouts who successfully recruit a friend to join [...]

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Who Gets Scouting Magazine?

When Scouting — back then more newsletter than actual magazine — sent out its first issue in 1913, readers were told that they’d receive the publication at no additional cost. This essential resource for BSA news, inspiration and ideas, Scouting wrote, would be included in a volunteer’s registration fee. But there was a caveat: the offer was only “for [...]

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