Changes to Council Activity Fee Aug. 1, 2020

Dear Scouting Families,

Families today have many options, but Scouting continues to stand out as a safe and fun atmosphere where a kid can be a kid all while preparing them to become an even better adult.

As we look toward the future of Scouting, the Mayflower Council is committed to providing a  wholesome and cost-effective Scouting experience.

Our activity fee is being increased out of necessity to support critical safety components of our organization like youth protection resources, criminal background checks, technology upgrades and insurance coverage rates which have risen substantially over the past few years.

The Mayflower Council staff and board volunteers have worked tirelessly to keep the cost of Scouting as low as possible for our families. Our council is fiscally sound; however, it is crucial that we continuously review our financial structure in order to guarantee the longevity of our local programs.

Over the past three years, our council has maintained the activity fee and subsidized rising core costs – the greatest being insurance coverage – to keep fees as low as possible. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to subsidize these costs at past levels.

Additionally, COVID-19 coupled with the challenges created by a National BSA bankruptcy, has required our council to consider how these external factors will impact Scouting in the MetroWest and South Shore.

As a result, the Mayflower Council has been forced to make dramatic changes to expenses because of the decreases in our traditional revenue sources.


  • Family participation in our annual Investment in Character fundraising campaign has fallen from 16% to only 5%.
  • Due to COVID-19 camp restrictions we have absorbed $406,000 in camp loss of revenue
  • We have reduced our expenses by 31%
  • The Mayflower Council Staff has been reduced by 10%

The decision to increase our activity fee was not made lightly, but it is necessary to fulfill our promise and continue to offer the level of Scouting our families are accustomed to without any decline in service. Many factors went into increasing the council activity fee and it was imperative that the information was conveyed in a timely manner to our units and families.

The activity fee will allow the Mayflower Council to provide:

  • Medical and accident insurance coverage as well as local liability insurance for all registered members.
  • Free tent camping at Camp Resolute, Camp Squanto and Nobscot Scout Reservation.
  • Camp fees that are as low as possible while enhancing camp properties.
  • Free required training course for adult leaders.

For a comprehensive list of how the Mayflower Council supports units and Scouting families click here.

After careful consideration, and approval by the Mayflower Council Executive Board, beginning on August 1, 2020, the activity fee will be increased from $30 to $36 per youth member (50 cents per month) in Cub Scouting, Scouts BSA, Venturing and Exploring. (the previous activity fee excluded Lions, 18 – 21 year old Venturers and Explorers.) The fee will not apply to adult members and will be prorated on a monthly basis. The new fee will not apply to existing members until their unit recharters for 2021.

One hundred percent of the recently increased annual National registration fee goes to the National Boy Scouts of America Council to support Scouting for you. Including: Scoutbook; Youth Protection Training; liability insurance; program development and much more.

If you have questions on the council activity fee or the National BSA membership fee, please do not hesitate to reach out to your district executive or email us at

We thank you for your commitment to Scouting in the Mayflower Council and urge you to continue to be an advocate for Scouting as our programs are preparing thousands of youth across the MetroWest and the South Shore of Massachusetts, for life.

Yours in Scouting,

Mike Rotar
Council President

Josh Paulin
Council Commissioner

Bryan Feather
Scout Executive / CEO