District Commissioner All Metacomet Towns/Units Rob Pomponio
Asst. District Commissioner covering Natick, Sherborn, Holliston Tom Bednarz
Asst. District Commissioner covering Foxboro Dr. Jim Green
Asst. District Commissioner covering Other Towns Position(s) Currently Vacant
Asst. District Commissioner Data Manager Joyce Jordan
Roundtable Commissioner General Interest and Troop Topics Greg Green
Roundtable Commissioner Cub Scout Topics Bev Murphy
Roundtable Commissioner Cub Scout Topics Ed Crisci
Town Units Unit Commissioner
Foxboro FP176, T7, T32, Post32 Dr. Jim Green
Foxboro T314, GT314 Jennifer Lanteigne
Holliston P47, FP3102, T14, T73, T76 Ted Chan
Medfield P113, P200, T10, GT10, T89 Jerry Kazanjian
Medway P748, T108, T367 Position Currently Vacant
Millis P115, T15 Position Currently Vacant
Natick FP7, P310, T7 Kevin Goldsmith
Natick FP22 Jeff Ecklekamp
Natick FP40, T1775 Tom Bednarz
Norfolk P80 Position Currently Vacant
Norfolk T80 Walter Pelrine
Norwood FP49, T49, GT49 Joyce Jordan
Norwood FP42, T42, C420 Bob Sicklick
Plainville FP46, T132 Walter Pelrine
Sharon FP95, T95, GT164, C6 Dave Barnett
Sherborn P10, T1 Ted Chan
Walpole P44, P601 Cris Davis
Walpole T44, T97 Position Currently Vacant
Wrentham FP131, T61, T131 Walter Pelrine
Unit Types Key
P – Cub Scout Pack (boys)
FP – Cub Scout Pack “Family Scouting” (boys and girls)
T – Scouts BSA Troop (boys) AKA “Boy Scouts”
GT – Scouts BSA Troop (girls)
C – Venturing Crew (coed)
Post – Explorer Post (coed)