1.12.17 Council Consolidation Question Of The Week: With the pending consolidation, what will happen to Day Camp & Resolute?

As we enter the new year, we will be giving you an update on any consolidation news/discussions on a weekly basis, along with a member’s question which we have received on one of our websites.  Remember that you can always send in additional questions at either consolidation@ktc-bsa.org or consolidation.oldcolonycouncil@gmail.com.


We had our third joint meeting between the two councils on January 5th and much progress has been made with the four subcommittees (Program, Properties, Membership and Finance/Governance) as we continue to find that these two councils are very compatible in terms of culture, demographics and programming.  A learning from the Program area is that Old Colony (OCC) has a strong district led culture and Knox Trail (KTC) has a stronger council led culture.  Pulling from the best of each will lead to more efficient and robust offerings overall as, for instance, the old OCC would share their district level model and successes and the old KTC would share their advancements in terms of online capability.  The same holds true in camping where the OCC team brings innovations in Boy Scout camping to share while the KTC team brings a leading Cub Scout camping program.  The end result should be a better experience for all youth.


Question.   Along these lines, Jim from KTC wrote in:  With the pending consolidation, what will happen to Day Camp & Resolute?

Answer.   Jim, thanks for your question.  In the event of a merger of Knox Trail and Old Colony Councils, there would definitely be no changes to Day Camp, Resolute, and Squanto programs in 2017.  After 2017, we would hope that the changes would only be for the better – more resources available to invest in those programs and facilities.  We feel that Knox Trail’s camps are a great fit with Old Colony’s Squanto, and that three camps would allow more choices for scouts within the new Council area.  Because of this and both of our strong financial positions, we would plan on keeping Squanto, Resolute, and Nobscot as key resources in the proposed new council, just in case that is in the back of your mind.