Den Chief Training

What’s a Den Chief, you ask?

It’s a Boy Scout or Venturer who makes a commitment to assist a Cub Scout den. The Den Chief program is a “win-win-win-win”: the pack and den get a helping hand (someone who’s probably great at teaching Scouting skills and leading skits, songs, and games!), the Cub Scouts get a role model who inspires them to grow in Scouting, the Den Chief gets valuable leadership experience (and credit toward rank advancement), and the troop or crew gets an ideal recruiter working directly with the pack. Once you’ve recruited your Den Chiefs, set them up for success by getting them trained! Our training team will be offering Den Chief training on:

September 29th – Norwood

October 13th – Weston

October 27th – Hanover

December 1st – Hanson

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