Den Leader Appreciation: Rob DeMarino

As we continue Den Leader Appreciation Month, the nominations keep rolling in. This week’s top nominee comes from Maynard, Massachusetts, where Cubmaster Jarrod Kennedy singled out Rob DeMarino for special recognition as Den Leader of the Week.

Rob DeMarino of Pack 130 Maynard

Maynard Cub Scouts

Maynard Cub Scouts

“Rob has served as a den leader in Pack 130 for several years and most recently graduated eight eager Scouts from the Arrow of Lights into the local BSA Troop,”  wrote Kennedy. “Rob provided an excellent environment, instilled the meaning of the Scout Law and Oath, and created many great memories for his cubs.

“After his Scouts crossed over, Rob has remained active in the pack and has volunteered to take on additional responsibilities. People like Rob are why packs and troops are successful.”


But those volunteers turn a successful unit into a superlative organization.

Case in point: Rob DeMarino.

Rob with Scouts for eclipse prep.

Rob with Scouts for eclipse prep.

“Rob is always willing to help where needed and is happy to do so,” added Kennedy. “I’ve known Rob for almost two years and have not seen him without a smile.

“However, as an Air Force veteran, Rob is also great at grabbing the attention of the cubs when needed!”

That said, it’s not a straightforward veteran voice that keeps the kids’ attention.

“Rob consistently takes the aims of scouting and comes up with creative and fun ways to teach the Cubs,” said Jarrod. “Most recently, Rob put together activities for a solar eclipse pack meeting [as seen above], including glasses for the scouts, a model of the sun and moon, and crafts to create masks for their glasses.”

Congratulations, and thank you to Rob DeMarino of Maynard for all his efforts on behalf of his den, Pack 130, and the Mayflower Council.

Den Leader Appreciation Month

“Den Leaders Light the Way!” Scouters!  

This month, we’re celebrating extraordinary leaders. Using your suggestions, the Mayflower Council will recognize our superlative Den Leaders via social media weekly in May. Meanwhile, each officially registered Den Leader in the Council will receive a limited edition commemorative patch! Nominate your best den leaders here.