Guide to Safe Scouting Has Been Updated

All participants in official Scouting activities should become familiar with the Guide to Safe Scouting. The Guide to Safe Scouting is an overview of Scouting policies and procedures gleaned from a variety of sources. For some items, the policy statements are complete. Unit leaders are expected to review the additional reference material cited prior to conducting such activities.

The Guide to Safe Scouting has been updated for 2019. Download or view the latest version by clicking here


  1. Updated language throughout to reference “Scouts BSA” rather than “Boy Scouts.”
  2. Youth Protection and Adult Leadership Clarified language in the Adult Supervision and Accommodations sections.
  3. Camping Updated information about Webelos overnight camping. Corrected publication number for Pack Overnight. 
  4. Campout Site Appraisal Form and provided URL to access form. 
  5. Sports and Activities Clarified Sea Scout participation in Climbing and Rappelling section. 
  6. Animal and Insect Hazards Replaced entire chapter. 
  7. Incident Reporting Provided URL for incident reporting. 
  8. Appendix Replaced Event Safety Checklist.

For more information about Scouting Safety click here.