Health and Medical Records

We hear this question often “Is a medical form required for this activity?”  The answer is yes!  All Council and District activities like Camporees, Klondikes, Chuckwagons, etc are required to collect a medical form for every youth and adult participant.  These forms are filed by unit and returned to the unit leader or designee at the end of the event.

The Boy Scouts of America and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts require that we retain health forms collected for summer camp up to 36 months.  These forms are maintained in a secure, offsite facility.

As a rule, all units should collect an Annual Health and Medical Record for all youth and adult members as well as parents who are regular participants.  These should accompany the unit on weekend outings and field trips.  These forms should be reviewed and updated on an annual basis.

See the attached for more information regarding this policy as well as the link to determine which form is appropriate based on your activity.


Mayflower Council and BSA National Health and Medical Records