Introducing the new JP Becker District!

The JP Becker District is pleased to announce that Troop 41 Marlborough Life Scout, Isaac N. was picked as the winner for the JP Becker District You Name It! competition. With the name picked, the JP Becker District will now be going forward with the name of JP Becker District. For more information about JP Becker and the reason for the picking of the name,:

John P. Becker, at 12 years old, was a teamster in Henry Knox’s expedition; driving a team of horses dragging cannon from Fort Ticonderoga to Dorchester Heights above Boston. His father, Peter, supplied most of the horses used in the trek and had a reputation in his community as someone always ready to lend a hand. After their 10 week trek with Henry Knox they were called upon and made a second trip to Montreal to help supply the Continental Army. John later wrote of these adventures; and his book is one of the primary sources of information on these trips.

J. P. Becker and his father lived the spirit of Scouting and are role models for us today. They show us the power of dedication and selfless service to others, our community and our nation.