March And April Are Great Months To Recruit New Boy Scouts!

Boy Scout Recruiting Overview

The purpose of this recruitment effort is to invite boys and their parents to join Boy Scout. This campaign targets Webelos, non-­Scouts or former Scouts that are no longer in the program.

Webelos to Scout Transition

An effective Webelos to Scout Transition plan is essential for retaining our current Cub Scouts by moving them into a Boy Scout troop. Webelos crossovers represent our largest source of new Boy Scouts and the continued health of every Boy Scout troop. The key elements to Webelos to Scout Transition involves continuous interaction between Webelos dens and a Boy Scout troop throughout the entire Webelos program, selecting energetic Webelos Den Chiefs, educating Webelos, Webelos leaders and parents about the Boy Scout program. Troops should host several troop visits, attend Webelos den meetings, promote summer camp and invite Webelos to visit their troop at Boy Scout summer camp, share their program calendar and invite Webelos to camp with the Boy Scout troop and participate in the annual Webelos Crossover Ceremony.

Elementary Schools

When starting the 5th grade, many students are already 11-years-old. Also, many of our council’s elementary schools include 6th grade classrooms. A Boy Scout flyer should be handed to these boys inviting them back to the school the same night as the pack’s school night for Cub Scouting.

An 11-year-old table should be set up in the cafeteria for these boys to sit at. After the opening ceremony and group sparkler, this table will be dismissed to the library or other pre-­arranged room for a separate meeting.

The Boy Scout troop or Webelos II Den should provide the opening ceremony and have at least 1 adult present as part of the School Night team to run the Boy Scout breakout portion of the meeting.

Peer-to-Peer Recruiting Night

Current Scouts are our best recruiters. Scouts should be encouraged to be actively involved in recruiting new members throughout the year. An organized Peer-to-Peer recruiting campaign should happen at least annually inviting potential Scouts to participate in a fun, exciting event. Game Nights are a great activity for peer-to-peer recruitment. Here, the scouts break out their love for Magic cards, sports or even video games. Food is served to all the youth. Pizza is a great option. Each Scout will receive a special recruiter patch for recruiting their friends.