Noteworthy Neighbor

This one comes courtesy of Partners in Patriotism, a nonprofit organization established by the Kraft Group as a community outreach group for the town of Foxborough.

This week’s #NoteworthyNeighbor is lifelong resident Joseph Gonsalves! An Eagle Scout, Joseph built the Storybook Trail behind the Lane Property for his Eagle Project in 2017. The Storybook Trail is a half-mile loop with 25 posts along the way, each featuring a page of a children’s book covered in plexiglass, so as people walk the trail, they read the book. Since he built the trail, it has been vandalized on four separate occasions, and Joseph has gone back to repair it each time. “Normally, once you complete an Eagle Project it is done and over with, but I couldn’t let that be true with my project,” Joseph said. “I saw how much the families in Foxboro enjoyed the trail. I was taught to give back to the community whenever you’re able to, no matter how big or how small the act. The community showed me so much support when they heard about the vandalism that I had to fix it for them, and I hope it is here for a long time for families to enjoy.”

Joseph, a senior in high school, continues to be involved with Troop 32, Foxborough where he currently serves as Troop Chaplain. Michael Gawronski served as Joseph’s Scoutmaster at the time of his Project. Troop 32’s current Scoutmaster is Jonathan Trudell.