OCC Jamboree Collectors Sets

2017 Old Colony Council – National Jamboree  “Collector’s”

This is the Old Colony Council “Collector’s Set” for the 2017 Jamboree.  Of the 100 sets made, almost all have been pre-sold to Old Colony Council Contingent members.  The sets are numbered on the back (#1 to #100), with a sticker from the company that made them.  Only a few sets will be sold online.  (The “Contingent / Trader” set has different colored borders on each patch, and they are not numbered.

This set contains the back patch and the 6 JSP’s for the troops.  There is no “staff” JSP for this Jamboree (Staff can wear any of the 6 …. their choice).  These are all ships associated with the Plymouth Colony area / Southeastern Massachusetts.  The back patch is the Mayflower.

Troop 1114 … Eleanor & Beaver

Troop 1115 … Independence

Troop 1116 … Dartmouth

Troop 1117 … Columbia Rediviva

Troop 1118 … Grand Turk

Troop 1119 … Battle at Nantasket

This will be the last jamboree set for the Old Colony Council.  The council has merged with the Mayflower Council, forming Council #251, with no name yet.

Members of the Old Colony Council (Canton, Massachusetts) belong to Tisquantum Lodge #164 / Camp Squanto / Northeast Region … patches are in mint condition.


This set will be mailed directly from the Council Office.

100% of the money raised from the sale of this item goes to the 2017 Old Colony Council Jamboree Contingent. 

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