Chippanyonk OA Lodge

Who We Are

Chippanyonk Lodge is Mayflower Council’s Order of the Arrow Lodge, National Honor Society of the Boy Scouts of America. Our mission is to achieve the purpose of the Order of the Arrow as an integral part of the Boy Scouts of America through positive youth leadership under the guidance of selected capable adults.

What We Do

Chippanyonk Lodge has provided strong leadership to Section NE-1. The Section’s unique Healey Cup competition is patterned after the Apache Relay that has been conducted since time immemorial each week of summer camp at Mayflower Council’s Camp Resolute. Paul Healey of Chippanyonk Lodge, NE-1A Section Chief in 1998-1999, introduced the unusual relay race to the Section, and the competition is named after him. Bryan Mazaika, 2005-2006 Chippanyonk Lodge Chief, was elected Section Secretary at the 2005 Conclave. Bill Gardner of Taunkacoo Lodge served as NE-1A Section Adviser from 1993 through 1997 and for some years prior as Adviser to other Sections. Rick Riopelle, Director of Program for Mayflower Council, served as Section Staff Adviser from 1997 through 2007.  Our current Selection Staff Advisor is Bill Dunbar.

Chippanyonk was selected as a Quality Lodge in 2004. In June of 2005, the Lodge successfully hosted the annual NE-1A Section Conclave attended by over 300 people at Camp Resolute, the largest NE-1A Conclave in recent memory and the second largest held in the Northeast Region. Fittingly, at the Conclave the Chippanyonk Healey Cup team won the first competition held by the Section at Camp Resolute since the race began there in 1999. Chippanyonk continued to be active both in the council and in the section. In 2006 Chippanyonk took a contingent to the National Order of the Arrow Conference. The patch designed as a fundraiser for the trip is the infamous “Bank Robber” patch, which was designed, made, and ordered, but when they arrived, the Scout Executive did not allow them to be sold, beginning a seven year period where they were traded among the very few that had them, until finally in 2013 they were found and were approved to be sold. In 2012, Chippanyonk hosted the Section NE-1A Conclave at Camp Resolute with close to 300 arrowmen in attendance. Chippanyonk also took a contingent to the 2012 NOAC and will be sending a contingent to the 2015 100th Anniversary NOAC.

Chippanyonk has won awards such as best website and achieving the Gold standard of Journey to Excellence in 2013. Chippanyonk hopes to bring in more awards with their revival of the Taunkacoo dance team, named “Wasaja”. Although still in its early stages, it promises to be an excellent addition to Chippanyonk Lodge.

Today, Chippanyonk Lodge holds at least five events annually: two Ordeals, a Fellowship weekend, and a banquet. Lodge members provide hundreds of service hours each year to improve and maintain Knox Trail’s two camps — Nobscot Scout Reservation in Framingham and Sudbury, MA, and Robsham Reservation and Camp Resolute in Bolton, MA — for the year round enjoyment of all Scouts and Scouters.

Lodge Leadership

Lodge Chief – Tristan N.
Vice Chief Program – John G.
Vice Chief Inductions – Isaac N.
Secretary – Michael G.
Treasurer – Owen O.

Past Lodge Chief – Austin H.
Lodge Adviser – Paul Gadd
Staff Adviser – Stephen Lavoie

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