Serving on the Puma Patrol will place 18-26 year old staff in the driver’s seat of leading the 2019 World Scout Jamboree’s cultural and social experience. As a member of the Puma Patrol you’ll impact the lives of hundreds of Scouts on a daily basis as a WSJ social director and ambassador. At the World Jamboree, staff members are known as ISTs, or International Service Team.

Jamboree Hosts

Front Door to the WSJ Puma Patrol ISTs will form a team with 200 other young adults from the three host nations, Canada, Mexico and the United States, as one of two groups of Rovers. dedicated to making the jamboree a success. We embody the host spirit—fulfilling the unique responsibilities of welcoming Scouts from around the world to our home in the Summit.

We’ll help contingents get settled, answer questions, and keep everyone in great spirits. Our goal is to brighten a participant’s experience during every inter- action, through random acts of kindness and leader- ship through customer service.

Jamboree Social Directors

Young People Leading Young People. Puma Patrol ambassadors need a “can-do” attitude, high energy, and excellent communications skills. Participants will find us on a daily basis in each of the Summit’s 16 sub- camps.

We’re looking for the folks who love to emcee campfires, lead team development games, facilitate evening reflections, or break down barriers between cultures. Think about an experience at a summer camp, high adventure base, or NYLT — we’ll embody those “commissioner”, “ranger/foreman/interpreter”, or “guide” roles in helping people access their adventure and connect with the people around them!

Jamboree Pathfinders

Facilitating the Mountaintop Experience
We will also help jamboree participants navigate daily adventures to the highest point at the Summit, Mt. Jack. As part of this unique trek, Puma Patrol ISTs will ensure participants are prepared for their hike, support public safety responses to lost Scout or inclement weather situations, and help with Mt. Jack information platforms and campfire programs.

Apply to become a Puma Patrol IST