1.26.17 Council Consolidation Question Of The Week:  Who Decides On A Consolidation?

With all the discussion, exploration, planning, and consideration of the possible consolidation, the question arises: “How is this decision made?”

There are two organizations involved in the current consolidation discussion, Old Colony Council and Mayflower Council.  Both councils have to approve a consolidation in order for the consolidation to move forward.

Scouting is a volunteer driven organization that is controlled by local voting members who are very active in scouting.  Boy Scout councils are legal corporations governed according to bylaws, and both councils have similar bylaws.  The council’s voting members at a public meeting approve major decisions such as a consolidation.

Executive Boards at both councils, made up of elected members, have approved motions calling for meetings to consider the consolidation proposals.  Each council will have their own meeting at 6:30 pm on the evening of March 28, 2017.  Knox Trail’s meeting will occur at the council’s annual business meeting at the Council’s Office in Marlboro. Old Colony’s meeting will be at the Alumni Hall of the Stonehill College campus

Council voting members are scouting volunteers throughout the towns and cities that make up KTC and OCC.  Voting members include Charter Organizational Representatives and General Members such as: board members, members at large, and advisory members at large. Charter Organization Representatives are volunteers who work with the scouting units (pack, troop, post, etc.) and the chartering organization (church, school, VFW, etc.).  Voting members of both councils have to approve the consolidation question on March 28 for the councils to consolidate into a new larger council.