Scoutbook Youth Advancement Sync

Calling all unit leaders—the Scoutbook Youth Advancement sync is officially underway!

All Scouting units with active Scoutbook subscriptions have recently been invited to complete the Scoutbook Youth Advancement Sync with ScoutNet. The Scoutbook Unit Admins have been notified and given instructions on how to activate this sync by December 31, 2017.

This sync will allow units to approve advancement in Scoutbook, which can then automatically sync with the BSA national database. Scoutbook users will no longer need to access Internet Advancement to track and report their unit advancement.

Scout Shop staff should know that the Advancement Report from Scoutbook and the Advancement Report from Internet Advancement are both certified and should be accepted. The bottom of the Advancement Report from Scoutbook looks like this:


Starting January 1, 2018, units with active Scoutbook subscriptions will only be able to approve advancements for Scouts who are in the advancement sync. If you have not activated your unit and/or Scouts within your unit, you will not be able to approve advancements for that Scout(s).

Note that as a unit activates the sync, the unit can un-approve Scouts who have not yet been registered (entered into ScoutNet or My.Scouting) and continue the sync for the rest of the unit. Once registration is complete for the outstanding Scouts, the unit can then approve them and they will then be included.

Check out the user guide for more.

If you have any questions about the Scoutbook Youth Advancement Sync or if your Scouting unit has not received the sync instructions, please email