At Mayflower Council, it is our mission to provide a safe, educational, and exciting week-long program for all registered members of Scouts BSA without regard to race, color, creed or financial status.   It is an excellent place to promote character, citizenship, and fitness in the Scouts who attend.

All members of Scouts BSA are welcome to attend Camp Resolute located in Bolton MA or Camp Squanto located in Plympton, MA.

Our program is designed to provide challenge and fun for Scouts of all ages. Adults are also welcome to offer their skills in helping to teach in any program area.  We offer a host of merit badges and activities, including aquatics, handicraft, life & sciences, nature, shooting sports, advancement opportunities and so much more.  We look forward to seeing you at our camp this summer.

Traditional Summer Camp

Specialty Summer Camps

Counselor in Training Program

One of the wonderful things about Camp Resolute is that the vast majority of the staff are former campers. It is common for many Scouts, after experiencing the friendship and dedication of our summer camp staff, to want to return for additional weeks in camp and eventually become staff members themselves. The quality of the camp staff is maintained by a well constructed counselor-in-training program. At Camp Resolute, CIT’s are not junior staff members. They are in a fun, rewarding and challenging training program, not a free labor pool. There is a trainer whose job it is to work with the CIT’s.

There are two CIT programs, each lasting three weeks. CIT “A” Program is for first-time participants and focuses on junior leader training programs and an education on behind-the-scenes operations at Camp. CIT “B” Program is a more in-depth offering with expanded responsibility for returning CIT participants who have previously participated in the CIT “A” Program. Each CIT program is limited to 20 participants