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Now is the time to DRONE up some online business!  We will be giving away a drone to our weekly highest online seller in each of the 5 districts!  That is 5 drones per week!


Be the highest online seller in your district, during the dates listed below and you will receive an email stating you are the winner.  We will list your unit, number, and first name on our facebook account, MayflowerPOP and on Mayflowerbsa.org/popcorn.

If you haven’t set up your account, there is still time to do so.  It will only take 10 minutes.

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New Headwaters Eagle Scouts – September 2019

Please join the Headwaters District Advancement team in congratulating the following Scouts on their achievement of the rank of Eagle Scout with the completion of their Board of Review in August 2019:

  • Andrew D. – Troop 1 Hopkinton
  • Carson B. – Troop 2 Marlborough
  • Michael O. – Troop 126 Franklin
  • Isaac T. – Troop 101 Northborough
  • Ben S. – Troop 99 Franklin
  • Garrett G. – Troop 1 Southborough

It is an honor and privilege to congratulate these exceptional Scouts for their achievement. As less than 5% of Scouts become Eagles, these are truly the best of the best, the most dedicated, and the most determined to succeed!



Once an Eagle Scout, Always an Eagle Scout!

October Training Newsletter

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