It’s Popcorn Time!

The annual popcorn fundraiser is for ALL units that want to earn enough money to support their Scouting adventures for the entire year is almost here. The annual sale runs from September thru November for Show-n-Sell and take orders but, you can participate in the online sales year-round which means right now, Yah!!! Popcorn kernels, update your Trail’s End web portal, schedule your show-n-sells now, attend a kickoff meeting, and schedule your unit kick off meeting. More details below.

Here are the first three things on your popcorn “to do” list

1 Commit to The Sale

Let us know you are selling so we can ensure you have all the information you need to be successful. Your district popcorn kernels are here to help!

2 Attend a Council Popcorn Kickoff Meeting

You are on your way to earning more money for your unit and learning what we have to offer to our units and Scouts. You will learn about the Trail’s End upgrades, product offerings, council bonus for units and Scouts, key dates, and so much more! Register today for one of our training sessions: Saturday, August 6 at Camp Squanto or Sunday, August 7 at Camp Resolute.

3 Sign up and attend one of Trail’s End Webinars

Trail’s End has learned that units who have their kernel trained end up having a better sale. To that end Trail’s End has created two sets of kernel webinars. One set is for new kernels and one set if for returning kernels. Start learning from Trail’s End how to use their tools to plan and execute an excellent sale.

Do you have questions about your sale?  Trail’s End has the answers.

How It Works

There is minimal work for a unit leader and your unit will reap the rewards.

  • Let us know you would like to participate in this fantastic opportunity! Click the button below to register.
  • Share the information flyer with your Scouts.
  • Log into the leader portal and email your registered Scouts anytime and see exactly who is selling.

Your unit earns 35% of all online sales. Request funds twice a month from Trail’s End.



If your Scouts do not currently have an account, please share these 3 easy steps to get started!

1. Register: Create a Scout account in the app or to begin your Scout’s online popcorn fundraiser.
2. Personalize Page: Scout’s build their own digital storefront and make it personal for customers to see.
3. Share It: Reach friends and family faster by spreading the word on social media, email, and text message.

We would love to hear from you! We have created this short survey to understand your needs. Whether you participate in this sale or not, please take a moment and share your thoughts.

Have a question or need to learn more?

Popcorn News

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Do you have questions about the app?

Trail’s End has a great FAQ.    For more app information and training resources, go to, or email Trails End.

What is the Annual Popcorn Sale:

Each fall, Scouts hit the streets selling popcorn in front of grocery stores, in their neighborhood and to friends and family as part of our Annual Popcorn Sale. This program is a Council administered fundraiser designed to engage Scouts in the process of raising the funds that will support their unit’s program needs for the entire year. It also gives Scouts pride knowing they earned their own way!

Methods of Selling

73% of the proceeds from Popcorn sales stay within the local council.  The individual unit can earn between 30%-35% of the retail value of the popcorn for every bag sold.

  • Show and Sell
    This sale is designed to sell popcorn that your unit popcorn kernel signs out and picks up at a council pickup location. Then, at a location of your choice, you and the Scouts from your unit sell the popcorn directly to the public.
  • Show and Deliver
    This is the best way to increase popcorn sales. The Scouts in your unit take an order form and product door to door. The Scout sells the product, delivers the product, and collects the money all in one trip.
  • Online Sale
    Your Scout can sell online to help earn his or her own way and fund their Scouting adventures.  On-line sales earns 35% directly back to your unit.  Your unit must have an account set up.  Please email and we will be happy to set one up for you.
  • Military Sale
    Trail’s End partners with Soldiers’ Angels to deploy all military popcorn sales to various bases, VA hospitals, and National Guard units.