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Share the Scouting Adventure With Your Friends

Share Your Scouting Photos In Our #backtoschoolbacktoscouting Contest – Ends September 30!

The Scouts create amazing adventures. Sharing the memories you make with your Scout on your social media account is one of the most powerful ways to increase parent involvement and encourage others to join. The Mayflower Council, Boy Scouts of America has created the hashtag #backtoschoolbacktoscouting to use with your photos of your Scouting adventures on these social media accounts to spread the word about how fun Scouting is!

Help us share the Scouting story by sharing your Scout’s great adventures with us and with others. Simply take a moment to share a photo or something exciting you did in Scouts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram through Sept. 30th with the hashtag #backtoschoolbacktoscouting. Sharing your photos will qualify you to win special prizes such as Amazon gift cards!

Mayflower Summer Roundtable – July 2021

Here is the slide presentation from Mayflower Council’s July 28 Summer Roundtable. Slides from the main session and breakouts are included.

Slide Deck

Ready Set Scout Launch Event

A Night With Friends & Fun to Kickstart a New Year of Scouting in the Mayflower Council!

The Agenda: What Happens At The Launch Party

Give out prizes to those in attendance
Ready to join? Fill out application online or paper version

How It Works: Your Step-By-Step Guide

1: Choose a Unit Launch Party Host2021-08-19T22:31:15-04:00

Choose a parent who will lead your “Ready Set Scout” launch party event.

Duties will be to lead the next steps.

2. Order Your Party Pack2021-08-19T22:41:58-04:00

Order your Ready Set Scout Launch Kit below!

3: Confirm Date/Location2021-08-19T22:37:22-04:00

Determine date, time and location for the unit (cohort/den/patrol) Launch Party with parents/unit leadership.

The council video will go “live” on YouTube at 6 p.m. on Friday, October 1 and be available any time thereafter.

4. Make a Contact List (See Template)2021-08-19T22:36:41-04:00

Copy this spreadsheet to create a list of cohort parents’ contact information and guests. (Require each parent to confirm at least 1 RSVP for the kickoff party.)

Get names/contact info for parents and their prospective guests.

5. Invite Your Guests via Text (Sample Copy & Image)2021-08-19T22:41:31-04:00

Text for parents to send to friends:

Hi (NAME)! Our Scout unit is hosting a pizza party to kick off the new school year and I’d love to invite you and (SON/DAUGHTER). We’ll have pizza, prizes and would love to share some of the fun we have in store to get our kids unplugged, outdoors and having fun this year!

Text for Launch Party Host or leader to send to Scouts who dropped or have requested more information from your area (the Mayflower Council will send you a list of any prospects):

Hi (NAME)! My name is (YOUR NAME) and I’m with Scout (pack/troop/ship/crew NUMBER). Our Scout unit is hosting a pizza party to kick off the new year of Scouting and I’d love to invite you and (SON/DAUGHTER). We’ll have pizza, prizes and would love to share some of the fun we have in store to get our kids unplugged, outdoors and having fun this year!

Social Media Images to Include (right click to download)

6. Follow Up, Confirm RSVP by September 272021-08-19T22:35:19-04:00

Launch Party host should follow up with parents about attendees and prepare the pizza order.

7. Create a Slideshow2021-08-19T22:34:41-04:00

Assign an adult or Scout to create a short photo slideshow presentation of your unit’s adventures. This is an easy, friendly way to get your Scouts talking about the fun things you do!

8. Prepare to Party!2021-08-19T22:34:07-04:00

Party packs will be delivered the week of September 27th.

It will include your $25 Dominos gift card which should cover at least 3 medium pizzas. (You may need to order more.) It will also include prizes, parent guides and more. Instructions & tips for a successful event will also be included.

COVID Contingency Plan: we will follow up with all registered units about a contingency plan if necessary based on local and Mayflower Council COVID-19 recommendations.

9. Follow Up After the Party (Sample Copy)2021-08-19T22:32:16-04:00

Follow up with prospective Scout parents with the following:

Hi (NAME)! It was so great to have you at our pizza party! I hope you enjoyed it. Do you have any further questions? I’d also like to invite you and (SON/DAUGHTER) to our upcoming Scout meeting on (DATE/TIME) at (LOCATION/ADDRESS). It’s going to be super fun!

Pizza – Party – Prizes

Hosted by You, Sponsored by the Mayflower Council

Deadline to Register:
September 17, 2021

Register Your Scout Unit Today!

For tracking and communication purposes, please fill out the form for each individual “party” you are hosting. For example, den leaders or a patrol leader’s parents could be party hosts.

What you’ll receive:

  • $25 gift card to order Dominos pizza
  • Prize pack including fun giveaways, stickers & more
  • Event “how-to-guide”
  • New Parent guides
  • Printed applications

Keys to Success

Keep it Personal: Have each parent invite one other new parent/child

Keep it Simple: You may elect to have a game or activity or keep the “party” as simple as you like.

Keep it Small: this allows for more conversation and questions with new parents & Scouts.

Scout Days at Fenway Park

Wrap-up the summer with your Cub Scout pack, Boy Scout troop, Venture crew, Sea Scout ship, family, and friends watching the Boston Red Sox!

Two dates available this year:

Sunday, September 5, Red Sox vs Indians – this date includes a Red Sox Scout Day patch.

Sunday, September 19, Red Sox vs. Orioles – this date includes a Red Sox Scout Day patch the opportunity to participate in a post-game kids run the bases!!

Tickets are extremely limited so place your order today to avoid disappointment. We’ll see you at Fenway!

Resources for Answering Questions

Scouting instills values, gives youth a competitive edge and helps them become resilient adults, adults who lead. Scouting brings families together and gives them the platform for true, quality time together, where memories can be made that last a lifetime.

We also recognize that in your social circles, some may wonder about Scouting. They may ask questions about things they’ve heard or seen. They may be confused about who we are and what we do.

To help you answer those questions, we’ve put together a few tools for you.

We need to remind our communities why Scouting has thrived for more than 110-years. While we’ve evolved over the decades, along with our country, our values remain grounded in the same Scout Oath and Law.

Every family in our country should be invited and welcomed into Scouting.

If parents want their children to:

  • Be of good character
  • To experience the outdoors
  • To make friends
  • To have fun
  • To learn things that will help them navigate life
  • To be inspired to find careers and lifelong hobbies
  • To work cooperatively with peers and adults
  • And so much more

Then, they should try Scouting.

Please use the following tips and tools to help facilitate conversation as needed. You may have already received that question: “What’s going on with Scouting? What am I hearing about?”

Tell Your Story

Lead with your story. Share why you choose Scouting for your family. If you’re a volunteer, explain why. Share the impact you’re making. If they know you, they will connect with your genuine assessment.

Share How Scouting Continues

Share with them what Scouting is doing. While you can reference some national results, Scouting by the Numbers, focus on what your unit is doing locally. Share that in our local council, units have been meeting through the pandemic, either online, or in-person following all the safety guidelines of the Commonwealth. Remember that the local council has offered significant virtual programming since the start of COVID-19 including service projects, virtual campouts, activities, and advancements. The council also has a robust plan to support units with virtual and in-person programming this fall.

Ask What They Heard

Ask them what they’ve heard. If it’s related to the national bankruptcy case or the advertising they may be seeing connected to past cases of abuse, please be prepared to address those questions. Please review the following tools to help you better understand these complex issues and help you better answer questions:

If you encounter a question you can’t answer or need some help, do not hesitate to reach out to our Director of Field Service, Rick Riopelle.

Before any conversation about Scouting ends, don’t forget to invite them to join. The easiest way to do that is to invite them to join your unit and they can register online at www.BeAScout.org.

Outdoor Experience Starts This Saturday!

There is still time to register for Saturday’s Outdoor Experience event at Resolute Base Camp in nearby Bolton, MA. Climb the monkey bridge, shoot BB guns, throw tomahawks or try the orienteering course. There are nine activity areas to explore including cooking, pioneering, navigation, first aid, camping and fire building. There’s plenty to do and outdoor skills to learn under the guidance of a knowledgeable staff.

Outdoor Experience is an activity day offered on select weekends throughout the year. Units can work towards specific advancements and awards while non-Scouts can participate in fun outdoor activities and skills development – all following the latest Covid-19 protocols.

Our first Outdoor Experience was a huge success with Scouts and families and we’re excited to offer our next event this Saturday, June 19.

Learn all about Resolute Base Camp and get registered for Outdoor Experience today: ResoluteBaseCamp.org

Farewell Good Friend

It is with mixed emotions that we announce the retirement of Rick Poirier, Director of Support Services.  Rick has been an integral part of the Mayflower Council and the Boy Scouts of America for 38 years. He is an Eagle Scout, NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout, Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow and past recipient of the Founder’s Award among many other achievements and accolades.

Rick started his career with the BSA in 1982 as a District Executive in the Narragansett Council in Rhode Island. In 1986 he joined the legacy Old Colony Council as where he served in many positions including: Senior District Executive, Field Director, Camp Squanto Camp Director, Assistant Scout Executive and staff advisor to various council, regional and section committees over the past 35 years. In 2017 he was named the Director of Support Services for the Mayflower Council overseeing the council’s camping operations and summer camp programs.

Rick has been a staple of the Scouting program for nearly four decades and his knowledge, skill, and passion for Scouting will be greatly missed! On behalf of the council executive board, staff, volunteers and Scouts of the Mayflower Council we wish Rick the best.

Please join us in wishing Rick well as he retires from professional service on December 1 by submitting a congratulatory letter to be put into a memory book for him as he opens a new chapter in his life. Letters may be emailed to farewell@mayflowerbsa.org or mailed to Mayflower Council, BSA 83 Cedar Street, Milford, MA 01757. Kindly submit by November 25.