2020 Camp In A Box Not Your Typical Summer Camp

Looking for a new way to have camp this summer while staying safe from COVID?  Introducing Camp in a Box!  We have partnered with five other councils to bring you this awesome program!  Individuals or troops can sign up to be a part of this historic program!  We will have Scouts from at least 4 different states all joining in the fun.

Each Scout gets to choose up to 5 merit badges or programs from 45 different options.  For the low price of $135, we will ship you a box of everything that you’ll need for the week including camp swag, program materials, and more to be ready for the action!  This is sure to be Not Your Typical Summer Camp!  Click here to download the Camp Guide.

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Scouts BSA Resident Camp Cancelled

Dear Scouting Family:

It is with great disappointment that the Mayflower Council announces that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will not allow resident camp programs to be conducted before the summer of 2021. As we stated from the initial decision to move forward, we would only do so if we could conduct a safe program, within the guidelines of national, state, and local authorities. Based on this latest information, we will not be able to provide a resident camp experience to our Scouts this summer.

We appreciate your continued patience and understanding over the past 7 weeks, as we pursued all available options and program modifications to offer a safe resident camp experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our staff was looking forward to greeting you and bringing you another year of fun, but this will have to wait until next year. All along, our first priority has been the health and safety of our Scouts, their parents, our leaders, staff and all their extended families and communities.

While this news is disappointing, we are providing a Scouts BSA virtual camp option offering each Scout the opportunity to choose up to 5 merit badges or programs from 45 different options.  Plus, we will ship you a box of everything that you’ll need for the week including camp swag, program materials, and more to be ready for the action! Click here for all the information and to sign-up.

We will be issuing full refunds to each troop by the end of the month and there is no need to contact the council service center for the refund of the camp fees paid. We ask for your patience as we work through processing all of the refunds. Check our council COVID-19 website for additional updates.

This decision by the Commonwealth does not affect our ability to operate our Cub Scout Adventure Day Camp at Camp Resolute. We are continuing with our plans to offer that program for our Cub Scouts.

We know you are eager to get back to our camps, which is why we have already begun planning bigger and better resident camp programs for next year.

Take care and be well,

Mike Rotar
Council President

Joshua Paulin
Council Commissioner

Bryan Feather
Scout Executive / CEO

Scouts BSA Summer Camp FAQ

This is the one spot where you will find the most up to date answers to your frequently asked questions regarding our Mayflower Council resident camp.

Click here to download as a PDF

Camp Resolute & Camp Squanto Summer Camp Update

May 18, 2020

Hello Scouting Families,

As you’ve proven over the last few weeks, our Scouting communities are resilient, prepared, and able to adapt to any situation. Now, as we look ahead to the 2020 camping season, the question on everyone’s mind is, “What is Scouts BSA resident camp going to look like and is it safe to attend?”

To alleviate some concerns, we thought it would be helpful to share with you our current decisions as well as modifications to our pre-camp preparations and to the camp experiences offered this summer.

First and foremost, the health and safety of our Scouting families, volunteers and staff remains our number one priority as we continue to adapt to this unprecedented situation. Our council continues to develop new plans and review existing procedures that will keep our Scouts and volunteers safe.

The decision to operate our council camps will be based on our ability to operate safely within the CDC’s summer camp guidelines, in addition to recommendations from local, state and BSA authorities. Rest assured that the council will only conduct camp if it is legal, safe, and practical to do so.

This summer may not look like all the summers that have come before or any of the summers that will come after. What we do know is that camp plays a vital role in the lives of our Scouts and Scouters. At this time, we are taking steps to determine how we can best serve our Scouting community this summer.

As of today, May 18, 2020, we are announcing the following decisions: 

The following camps and programs have been cancelled for 2020.

  • Resident camping at Camp Resolute. All troops will be accommodated at Camp Squanto.
  • National Youth Leadership Training: June 28  – July 4 at Camp Squanto
  • Trail to Eagle Week: July 19 – 24 at Camp Resolute
  • Venture Week: July 19 – 24 at Camp Resolute
  • National Youth Leadership Training: August 2 – 7 at Camp Resolute

Scouts BSA resident camping at Camp Squanto has been postponed to later in the summer. The modified schedule is as follows:

  • July 12 – 18
  • July 19 – 25
  • July 26 – August 1
  • August 2 – 8
  • August 9 – 15

The following Scouts BSA resident camp modifications will be made:

  • Weekly attendance will be capped at 250 campers
  • Tent occupancy will be limited to one camper
  • Leaders will need to remain in camp for the whole week

For those that had signed up for any of these events, you will receive an additional email with steps regarding refunds, transfers, and additional information about the event. For any event cancelled you will receive a 100% refund.

So what can you expect this summer? 

Just because some of our planned outdoor experiences cannot happen as expected, we are still committed to helping you and other families experience camp in a safe environment. We understand the importance of an outdoor in-person experience, and we will find ways to help your family experience the fun of camp this summer. It will look different from a traditional camp and that is ok. In the coming days you will see us roll out the opportunity to participate in a virtual Scouts BSA camp this summer, for those not comfortable with the in-person experience.

Allow us to share a glimpse of some of the additional elements of what “safely operating” our camps in this new environment will entail. While this list is not comprehensive and our review is an  ongoing process, you can expect some significant updates to many of the following:

  • Check-in Screening – Upon arrival at our camps, staff and participants will be screened and their temperature will be taken. Those with temperatures above 100.4 will not be allowed entry; those who travelled with them will also not be allowed entry.
  • Food Service – We will be eliminating all self-service options during meals (including beverages and salad bars) and all serving will be done by trained staff.
  • Sickness at Camp – Participants presenting symptoms of COVID-19 will be sent home.
  • Visitors – Will not be allowed into camp.
  • Sub-camps – Units will be divided into sub-camps within Camp Squanto to reduce exposure risk for participants.  A number of activities will be managed within each sub-camp or on a scheduled rotation where cleaning can be done between groups.
  • Family Day & Closing Campfire – Will NOT be held this summer.
  • Hand Washing – Participants will be directed to wash their hands often.  Additional hand washing and sanitizing stations will be available.
  • Accommodation Cleaning – Camp provided lodging, such as tents and cabins, will be disinfected before new participants arrive.
  • Shower Houses & Restrooms – Shower houses and restrooms will be cleaned 3 times a day.
  • Protective Gear – We will be reviewing best methods for use of gloves, masks, etc., while on our properties.
  • Camp Equipment – We will properly sanitize all community and reusable program equipment after each use.
  • Social Distancing – We will avoid activities where appropriate social distance cannot be maintained.

These items and many more are all under review as part of the comprehensive evaluation now underway of our standards and policies. As we move forward, you can expect a comprehensive list complete with instructions.

We thank you for your continued commitment to Scouting and for helping us prepare and adapt to any situation. We will continue to monitor the situation daily and relay any updates as they become available on our council website and through our social media channels. If you have specific questions please email them to covid19@mayflowerbsa.org and we will respond to them as quickly as possible.

Please stay safe and keep Scouting!

Mike Rotar
Council President

Josh Paulin
Council Commissioner

Bryan Feather
Scout Executive / CEO

We’re Excited to Welcome You to Camp!

Dear Leaders:

We all learned early in Scouting that every Scout should Be Prepared. Who would have thought it would be as relevant as it is now during the COVID-19 situation? Scouting has helped prepare us to be ready for challenges. We’re all learning new ways to work, teach, learn, and play. The Mayflower Council is doing everything we can to adapt to the times so Scouting can carry on and continue to be a vital part of our and the Scouts lives. This includes getting ready for summer camp. Our teams at Camp Resolute, Adventure Day Camp and Camp Squanto are excited to welcome you this summer and we anticipate a fantastic experience. The pre camp meetings have been held and if you were unable to attend, a recording of one is available at the Mayflower Council website. That recording is available here: Camp Kickoff

Right now, our rangers are continuing with planned maintenance and set-up for you. The camps are coming back to life after the winter and camp directors are putting together the best camp staffs ever. We are planning an epic year at our council camps in an effort to put all the uncertainties we are facing today behind us. All we need is you!

Registration is open right now and will remain open. Since our units aren’t meeting in-person, we know that collecting deposits and payments for camp is a bit more challenging so we’ve adjusted our deadlines. The early bird registration discount for Adventure Day Camp and Adventure Overnight continues until May 15 and for the Scout resident camps until May 31.

Camp is something all Scouts should be able to experience and we are here to help you find ways to make that happen. For families that need assistance, our campership program is available. Please visit our campership form, Mayflower Campership , to apply in confidence.

There is no risk for families and units of losing money by signing up for Mayflower Camps now. In the event that camp does not open or has a shortened season due to COVID-19 and your troop or campers are unable to attend during your scheduled time, all camp fees paid will be refunded.

Part of being prepared is minimizing risks, and we are updating camp operations to minimize threats such as COVID-19. As we learn more, we continuously update policies and procedures to comply with local and national directives. As camp gets closer, we will review those policies and procedures and will clearly communicate changes or adjustments to you. This may require help from units even before you arrive at camp so please check our website for the very latest updates concerning the Mayflower camps. The Mayflower Council continues to update Mayflower Council COVID-19 Information so check in regularly.

In the meantime, stay home, stay well, and stay tuned for further updates.

Yours in Scouting,

Camp Directors
Chris Thorp, Adventure Day Camp
Rick Poirier, Camp Resolute
Rich Carlson, Camp Squanto

Eagle Service Project Fundraising Guidelines

Mayflower Council Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising Guidelines

There are many worthy Eagle Scout Service Projects that can be carried out at minimal cost, if any. Fundraising is allowed to the extent required to cover the expected expense but projects whose sole purpose is to raise funds do not qualify as Eagle Leadership Service Projects. All fundraising or requests for material donations should be done in a restrained manner, similar to simple unit fundraising efforts. The expense of the project is not considered in the determination of the appropriateness of Eagle Scout Service Projects.

While youth members are normally not permitted to solicit funds on behalf of other organizations while representing the BSA, the Mayflower Council grants an exception for youth members raising funds for an Eagle Scout Service Project, with another organization being the project beneficiary; all funds raised above the amount needed for the project must be given to the beneficiary or returned to donors, not kept by the Eagle candidate or the unit.

Before soliciting donations of materials and monetary funds or conducting any fundraising efforts, Eagle Scout candidates must submit the “Eagle Scout Project Fundraising Application” located in the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook to the Scout Service Center two weeks in advance of your fundraising efforts.


The Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising Application is not required for contributions coming only from the candidate, their parents, guardians, or relatives, their unit or its chartered organization, parents or members of their unit, or the beneficiary.
For any amount of fundraising beyond those mentioned above, the Mayflower Council Advancement Committee recommends that Scouts fill out the Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising Application and get the required signature from the benefiting organization before their project is approved by their District Advancement Committee.
This is to ensure that Scouts and benefiting organizations understand the proposed budget for the project, the BSA’s guidelines and limitations for fundraising, who holds the donations, and what is done with excess funds upon completion of the project. All money left over, regardless of the source, goes to the beneficiary.

The requirements for planning, developing, and giving leadership must be met through the project itself, not through the fundraising effort. For this reason, approaches such as online fundraising are acceptable and may be handled exclusively by a parent or unit leader. A list of District Eagle Advisors available to provide coaching can been made available to Scoutmasters and Unit Commissioners, please contact your District Advancement Chairman – emails can be found at https://www.mayflowerbsa.org/program/youth/advancement/

Crowdfunding for Eagle Scout Service Projects

  1. The Guide to Advancement allows for the use of “crowdfunding” via the internet for Eagle Scout Service Projects but not for general troop fundraising. The Mayflower Council neither recommends nor prohibits the use of crowdfunding or any specific crowdfunding source. Wikipedia provides a comparison of crowdfunding services. If this route is taken, the website’s fine print should be carefully reviewed by someone in a position of responsibility. The unit leaders and parents will need to consider these questions:
    • Are the website’s terms of service in conflict with any BSA policies?
    • What kind of financial cost will the provider charge for this service?
    • Will you be able to keep donations even if you don’t reach your stated monetary goal (required)?
    • Does the site have an auto-shut off upon reaching the funding goal?
    • How long does it take to get your funds after the donating window closes?
    • Are you required to offer some sort of reward to backers? If so, what will the rewards be?
    • What are the site’s requirements if you raise more than you need? For example, certain providers require excess funds be used solely for the project, not just turned over to the project beneficiary.
    • When using a Crowdfunding site to fund an Eagle Project, the project MUST be set up under the Tax ID# of the beneficiary with all funds going to the beneficiary. The beneficiary of the service project is responsible to ensure all IRS guidelines related to contributions/donations are being met such as refunding donor money and contribution statements if applicable. The Eagle candidate may register and promote the site, but an adult must set it up under the beneficiary’s Tax ID#.
  2. If using a crowdfunding website, be sure that the details pertaining to the project are clearly presented. In addition, the project beneficiary must be clearly identified and it should not appear or represent that the BSA or any of its scout units are beneficiaries of the funds.
  3. It is worth repeating that any funds raised via crowdfunding belong to the beneficiary organization, not the Eagle candidate or the troop.

For more information, see Fundraising Issues at http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/GuideToAdvancement/EagleScoutRank.aspx

Christmas At Squanto


Please join the Camp Squanto Alumni Association at the Casoni Museum on December 1st  from 1:00 – 3:00 PM for their 6th Annual Winter Open House!

  • Get a better understanding of our museum, check out the new displays, and find out how to become part of our museum staff
  • Have a cup of coffee & Christmas munchies and exchange camp stories with old friends …. and, make new ones!
  • Take a walk around camp

Bring your family!

Squanto Ranger is Retiring

Do you know Roland Cloutier? Roland is the Squanto Camp Ranger who has always kept the camp top notch and ready for all of our scouts year round. Please join us as we wish him the best of luck on his retirement.

Register Today To Attend


Youth Protection Training Update

As of September 1, 2017, Youth Protection Training is required for all adult leaders at the time of registration. Paper applications from new leaders must be accompanied by a Youth Protection Training completion certificate, which must be filed with the application.

Because completion of YPT is now required for all leaders at the time of registration, unit leaders must obtain copies of the completion certificates from the leaders who register online before approving their application.

With the upcoming renewal cycle, the Internet Rechartering system will be updated so that units cannot submit the registration renewal of any adult who does not have current YPT as of the effective date of the renewal. Completion of YPT as part of the online registration system will be required in a future update. Additionally, council registrars will no longer be able to override the registration system to register any leader whose Youth Protection Training is not current.

Effective for the 2018 BSA summer camp season, any adult accompanying a Boy Scout troop to a residence camp or other Scouting activity lasting 72 hours or more must be registered as a leader, including completion of a CBC and YPT, even if they are the parent of a youth on the trip.

Please Note: Although YPT is strongly encouraged for adults attending any overnight activity, at this time, the requirement applies only to individual adults staying three or more nights at a resident camp.