Resident Camp Overview

Get ready for a whole summer packed with excitement, discovery, and adventure. 


Resident Camp is offered at two of Mayflower Council camping facilities: Camp Resolute in Bolton, MA and Camp Squanto in Plymouth, MA. Both camps are staffed by National Camp School Certified Directors and trained instructors. Each location offers Troop Camping for units that enjoy attending as a group and Provisional Camping for youth who choose to attend as individuals. Both locations have Specialty Camp opportunities for youth who want a program tailored to specific interests, such as National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT). However, because each property has its own unique features and benefits, some specialty camps are only offered at one location or the other.

So please join us this summer for an adventure of a lifetime. Whether you enjoy paddling a canoe across a crystal-clear pond, listening to bugle sounds as Old Glory climbs to the top of the flagpole, reelin’ in a bass, landing a bulls-eye at the archery range, eating a delicious dutch oven dessert, stretching for the next rock on the climbing wall, laughing around the campfire, or taking a leisurely stroll along our hiking trails, there is much to enjoy when camping with Mayflower Council, especially when surrounded by our vibrant staff and the great outdoors.