IT WAS SO COLD-Troop 1 Northborough’s NH Trip

It was cold.

How cold was it?

It was so cold that when we made scrambled eggs, the eggs froze in the bowl before we could scramble them. We had to put the bowl in a pan of warm water to keep them liquid until we could cook them.

That said, the eggs and the sausage were delicious. You just had to eat really, really fast before they got cold.

We shortened the trip and came home on Saturday. But that was after sleeping out on Friday night with a low temperature of 6 degrees Fahrenheit. Everyone managed to stay reasonably warm and was pretty well prepared. But it’s always a challenge when your water freezes before you can use it.

Greg, Kaz, Satoshi, Ken, Calvin, Michael, Landen, Jared, Colin, Ben, and Will all showed they could deal with some pretty harsh conditions, and that is what it is all about. They all stretched themselves and succeeded. They all demonstrated the Scout Motto – Be Prepared! I suspect that not many young men of 12 to 17 would be nearly as successful given the same conditions. In fact, probably not many modern adults would be as successful either.

And I guess we can be thankful that we are not living in 17th or 18th century New England where Friday night and Saturday morning would have been just that – a “normal” Friday and Saturday. Instead we got to get back into our warm cars, drive home and take hot showers. You never appreciate modern technology as much as when you come home from a winter camping trip.

Our Scouts rated the trip pretty high despite the cold (although all were in support of the decision to cut it shorter than planned) and all indicated a desire to learn more about winter camping and winter hiking.

A big thank you to Kevin Conway, Tim Howe, Tim Wig, and Ted Newman for braving the elements with our Scouts and driving.

-Mr. George Brenckle

PS — It was fun watching the outside temperature go from the single digits up to 27 degrees as we drove south back into balmy Massachusetts!

Christmas Holiday Council Service Hours

The Marlborough and Canton Service Centers will be closed on Monday, December 24th and Tuesday, December 25th in honor of Christmas.

Shadow Box Program

A special opportunity exists to help support the capital development of our Camps, which provide facilities and programs for youth and adult members of our Cub Scouting, Scouts BSA, Venturing and Exporing Programs.

Shadow Boxes are available for sponsorship by units for hanging unit plaques, pictures, ribbons, etc. in the dining centers.  Plaques maximum size of (6″ x 20″) will be hung by hook and eye (see photo).  A plate will  be affixed to the box with your units number and town.

See the Shadow Box Form for more details.

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A letter from Bryan Feather, Scout Executive/CEO, Mayflower Council, BSA


To: Mayflower Council, BSA Scouting Community

Re: Update to Wall Street Journal News Article- December 13, 2018

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal printed a news Article titled:

Boy Scouts of America Considers Bankruptcy Filing Amid Sex-Abuse Lawsuits…. Nonprofit has hired law firm Sidley Austin for assistance in a possible chapter 11 bankruptcy filing

Please note- this article is about the National BSA (BSA) and not the Mayflower Council, Inc.

In a communication released yesterday, BSA reaffirmed its focus on keeping children safe and delivering our nation’s foremost program of character development and values-based leadership training. For a copy of that statement, click here

BSA stated its commitment to the social and moral responsibility to fairly compensate victims who suffered abuse during their time in Scouting, and the deep care and concern for all victims of child sex abuse and the proactive steps to help victims heal and prevent future abuse. BSA stresses that at no time in BSA history has the organization knowingly allowed a sexual predator to work with youth and will always seek to act swiftly when alerted to abuse allegations.

In a conference with all Local Council Scout Executives, BSA committed to communicate transparently and stated there are no imminent actions or immediate decisions expected by BSA in light of the Wall Street Journal news story. In other words, the BSA has NOT filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. The BSA has hired a law firm to advise and work with the BSA on matters related to litigation amid Sex-Abuse Lawsuits.

I have assembled a few items of information from a Mayflower Council perspective that may be helpful while considering the news story.

  • The strength of Scouting for over 100 years has been its local domain. Each Scouting Unit (Troop, Pack, Crew, Post) is owned by its chartered partner which is typically a place of worship, service club, community organization or educational institution. Each local Scout Council is incorporated in the specific state where it operates.
  • The Mayflower Council, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) entity incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Our Camps, Volunteer Service Center, bank funds and investments are owned or controlled solely by the Mayflower Council, Inc. Contributions and funds provided to the Mayflower Council, Inc. stay in this area and are used to support program delivery in the 62 cities and towns we serve.
  • The nature of the relationship for a local Council with the national BSA organization is that our Council is the holder of a charter to conduct the Boy Scouts of America programs in our defined territory.
  • The Mayflower Council continues to offer Scouting and Learning for Life programs of the highest caliber to the greatest number of young people possible. We do so in a safe environment with a commitment to background screening of all staff and volunteers as well as a mandatory Youth Protection Training.
  • Council’s receive no funding from the national organization; in fact, we pay fees to BSA as a part of our charter agreement and for specific services. We receive value back from the national organization, but we operate as a financially independent not-for-profit organization.
  • Areas where we partner with BSA, for business purposes, include several insurance programs, services for IT and expertise related to camping, Youth Protection and so on. Also, important to note is employee benefits such as healthcare and retirement are funded by each Council but through programs controlled and operated by National BSA.
  • The Mayflower Council is one of the strongest Councils in the BSA from perspectives of fiscal health, program quality, board and volunteer dedication and staff commitment.

We have great confidence the National BSA can navigate the difficult waters that it, and many other long serving institutions, face with over a century of service to our nation. The Mayflower Council will continue our primary focus of bringing high-quality Boy Scouts of America programs to over 11,000 Scouts in the 62 cities and towns we serve.

Scouting is thriving in this area! This is due in large part to you with your contribution of time, talent and treasure.

You are welcome to call or email with thoughts or questions. Thank you

Scouts BSA Information Session

Join our Facebook live Scouts BSA Information session on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 at 7PM on Mayflower Council’s Facebook page.


Fellow Scouters interested in starting a Scouts BSA girl troop, finding a troop for their female Venturers looking to start on the path to Eagle, or Webelos leaders looking to visit troops are welcome to attend!


This meeting is intended to help connect Scout leaders from troops, crews and packs to network, gather information, exchange ideas, answer questions, and brainstorm.


Here are some topics to be covered at the meeting:

  • Starting a successful unit
  • Recruitment ideas and suggestions
  • Planning and executing fun camping trips


Have You Checked-Out the BSA Brand Center?

Download and customize a wide variety of brand-approved assets from the BSA Brand Center. Items available include email templates, fliers, postcards, posters, social media images, pictures, videos, web banners, and more.



Here’s how to welcome girls into Scouts BSA

Use These Guidelines to Help You Know the Right Way to Refer to Scouts BSA and the Girls Who Will Join

Time To Renew!

To date, nearly half of the units in the council need to log onto the Internet Rechartering System to review and submit their charter renewals for 2019. It’s important to finish this process soon to avoid any lapses in registration and ensure all members are registered properly.  Need assistance…….

If your unit needs assistance and/or its access code, please contact your unit commissioner, district commissioner or district executive.. You can always email, Council Registrar John Fortini for assistance. Thanks!

For More Information on Internet Rechartering

Health and Medical Records

We hear this question often “Is a medical form required for this activity?”  The answer is yes!  All Council and District activities like Camporees, Klondikes, Chuckwagons, etc are required to collect a medical form for every youth and adult participant.  These forms are filed by unit and returned to the unit leader or designee at the end of the event.

The Boy Scouts of America and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts require that we retain health forms collected for summer camp up to 36 months.  These forms are maintained in a secure, offsite facility.

As a rule, all units should collect an Annual Health and Medical Record for all youth and adult members as well as parents who are regular participants.  These should accompany the unit on weekend outings and field trips.  These forms should be reviewed and updated on an annual basis.

See the attached for more information regarding this policy as well as the link to determine which form is appropriate based on your activity.


Mayflower Council and BSA National Health and Medical Records

December Training Newsletter

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Headwaters December Roundtable Handouts

If your Unit was not able to attend our December 6th Roundtable, do not worry.  We are making all the event flyers, training newsletters and other information available!

Click here for PDF of all December Roundtable Handouts

Check the PDF for Nomination Forms for the District Award of Merit and other District Awards! All of these are due by February 8th 2019.

Our December Roundtable featured:

      • Upcoming Klondike Derby in February
      • Summer Camp Opportunities for Packs and Troops
      • Breakout sessions for Packs to discuss what makes a good Blue and Gold Dinner and Troops to learn about opportunities for Youth Leadership Training
      • District leadership and Commissioners remind everyone to reach out if you have any rechartering questions or paperwork to turn in.  To get in touch email:
      • Our Chapter of the Order of the Arrow, Taunkacoo Chapter, held their Chapter meeting

Questions, comments, or ideas for the District’s leadership?

Send an Email to:

Our next District Roundtable will be:

January 3rd at 7:00 pm at Milford High School, 31 W Fountain St
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