Cranberry Harbors District June Roundtable

Here is the link to the June Roundtable presentation slides.  Thank you for participating in our 2020-21 virtual roundtables.  The next district roundtable, opening the 2021-22 program year, is scheduled for September, details on the session (live? virtual? location? etc.) will be provided in August.  I look forward to seeing you then.  In the meantime, have a great Scouting summer.


Cub Breakout Slides

New Event Registration & Calendar Platform

Our council has begun transitioning to a new online event registration platform named Black Pug, which is used by almost half of all Boy Scout councils nationwide. The previous system, Doubleknot, was a major step forward when we adopted it nearly 16 years ago. After careful, thoughtful and detailed evaluation we believe the Black Pug platform will be an improvement, addressing multiple issues brought up by our members and volunteers and improving your experience when signing up for camps and other activities and accessing the council calendar.

The transition to Black Pug has already begun. Many of our recent events and summer camp sign-ups have been utilizing the new platform. Black Pug will soon become the new platform for the council calendar providing many of the most requested features including calendar subscription links and RSS feeds. We anticipate the full integration of Black Pug into the council website to be completed by June 1.

Individuals and units will have until July 31 to archive any data on the Doubleknot system they wish to retain and we will be sunsetting Doubleknot in Mayflower Council in early August. 

We are excited to be sharing this new event registration system with you and we thank you for your patience as we make this transition. We look forward to serving you better. If you have any questions or need assistance with Black Pug please contact Lisa Olson our Black Pug subject matter expert.

Cranberry Harbors District May Roundtable

Here is the slide presentation and other items from our May Roundtable.  Remember to sign up for the District Annual Meeting and Recognition Event on May 19 – sign up link is on the Council Calendar.



Camping With A Pack

Cranberry Harbors District April Roundtable

Here are the slides and other material from our April Roundtable – please note – due to time constraints, announcements at the session were abbreviated, please review the slides to keep your unit informed.  The post includes the Scouting at a Discount presentation at the Scouts BSA breakout and an initial listing of pack event ideas from the Cub breakout as well as the campfire safety minute, BSA National’s spring recruiting slides, the new Resolute Base Camp plan, and the Scouts BSA Resolute Day program plan slides.  Thanks for all you do for our youth.

April RT_Slides_Final

SafetyMoment_Fire Safety_Apr2021





Things to do with your Pack


Cranberry Harbors District March Roundtable

Here is the slide presentation from our March Roundtable (3/3).  Also posted is the Safety Minute on depression, the March Training News, District Leadership Summit (3/24) invitation, award nomination information (due 3/15), and info on the Philmont 2022 information session, the virtual Freeze Out and information on the 2021 Friends of Scouting campaign.  Thanks for all you do for our youth and for Scouting.

March Roundtable Slides

District Leadership Summit 2021

Safety Minute – Depression

Mayflower March Training Newsletter 

Nomination Forms

Philmont Informational Session

Virtual Freeze Out

FOS Common Questions and Answers

Cranberry Harbors District February Roundtable

Here are the slides from our February Roundtable, along with the Annual Health & Medical Form safety minutes and forms for 2020 – 2021 District Award Nomination and District Award of Merit Nomination.  Thanks for all you do for Scouting and for our Youth.

Safety Moment

February Slides

2020-2021 District Award of Merit Nomination form

2020-2021 District Awards Form

District Award Nominations

Below you will find nomination forms for recognizing Scouters at the unit and district levels.  As well as nationally recognized nomination forms.

Nomination form for District Awards – due March 15

  • Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Venturing crew advisor, committee chair (for any unit) and charter organization representative of the year awards
  • Unsung Hero Award – someone who goes above and beyond in the district.
  • “Sparkplug” – each pack, troop, or crew can recognize one of their adult leaders for going above and beyond.

Nomination for the District Award of Merit – due March 15

The District Award of Merit is a council award presented by districts in the same manner that the Silver Beaver is a national
award presented by councils. The award is available to Scouters who render service of an outstanding nature at the district level.

These nomination forms must be sent via email to:  Mayflower Awards

The district key 3 typically will present the awards at the annual district recognition dinner.

Download the fillable PDF
District Awards Form

Download the 
District Award of Merit Form

Cranberry Harbors District January Roundtable

Here are the slides from our January 6 Roundtable, along with the hypothermia safety minute and also separate copies of the March Merit Badge University and Eagle Project of the Year Award and Scholarship flyers.

January Roundtable Slides

Safety Moment – Hypothermia

Virtual Merit Badge University 2021

Service Project of The Year

Cranberry Harbors District December Roundtable

Here are the slides and other material from our December Roundtable.  Note that slides have been updated to reflect the new Annual Charter Agreement form requirement, and also to reflect some items in the zoom session chat.

December Roundtable Slides

December Trainging Newsletter


Online Registration Tools and Resources



Cranberry Harbors District November Roundtable

Slides from our November Roundtable and the YPT flyer from the Training Committee are posted below.  Thanks to Steve Hurley for his excellent presentation on the BSA’s conservation awards and recognition program.

November Roundtable slides

Youth Protection Training

2020 Popcorn

2021 Philmont Flyer/Informational Session

2020 Outstanding Eagle Scouts Award