Free Planet Fitness Summer Membership For Teens

Planet Fitness is helping parents to get their teens out of the house and stay active this summer by offering a one-of-a-kind benefit: a free membership for the entire summer. Perfect for our Scouts BSA and Venture crew members to stay physically strong all summer long!

The High School Summer Pass initiative offers a solution to teens’ struggles. Planet Fitness conducted a study that 93% of teens actually want to stay healthy, but only about 15% actually partake in 60-minutes of physical activity. Planet Fitness is determined to motivate teens and help them accomplish their fitness goals.

This offer is available at all Planet Fitness locations throughout the US and Canada. This is a part of the movement to improve teens’ mental and physical health. Originally, this program was called the “Teen Summer Challenge” which launched in 2019. They had almost a million teen signups who completed over 5 million workouts!

According to the Centers for Disease Control, fewer than 15% of teens were meeting the daily physical activity recommendation during the pandemic. Planet Fitness wants teens to feel safe and have a welcoming space when they arrive at any of their locations to get their sweat on in a healthy way.

All teens who sign up for the membership are automatically entered into a drawing for a scholarship, which will reward one student in each state with a $500 scholarship and one grand prize of $5,000 in scholarship money.

To enroll, students must be between the age of 14 and 19 years old. Teenagers under 18 years old must sign up with a parent or guardian either online or in-person at one of their clubs.

High school students can work out for free from May 16 to Aug. 13 at the nearest Planet Fitness location.

Teenagers looking to enroll in the program can register on the Planet Fitness website.


To uncover how high schoolers view health and fitness today, Planet Fitness commissioned a national study in partnership with Material to shed light on mental and physical health from both teens’ and parents’ perspectives.  Although negatively impacted by the pandemic, teens are ready to make a commitment to getting healthy, both physically and mentally.

Key findings include:

  • Physical Fitness for the Win. Despite three in five teens (60 percent) reporting their usual health and fitness routines were severely disrupted over the last two years, nearly all (89 percent) of their parents credit regular exercise and physical activity as helping their teens cope with the challenges of the pandemic. And nearly all (92 percent) teens agree that when they are regularly physically active, they feel much better mentally.
    • Although many teens make exercise and fitness a priority in their life (65 percent), there are significant barriers to doing so. In fact, 78 percent of teens note that just having access to a place to work out and being able to do so with friends (72 percent) would benefit their health and fitness journeys.
    • A majority of teens who exercise also agree that physical fitness makes them feel healthier (61 percent), stronger (57 percent) and happier (50 percent). It also provides the meaningful health benefits of more energy (69 percent), increased strength (64 percent) and stress relief (61 percent).
    • And 84 percent of teens agree that there has never been a better time than now to focus on their health.
  • Mental Health Takes Center Stage. Almost half (48 percent) of teens admit that they struggled with mental health for the first time during the pandemic. And more than half (51 percent) explain they currently struggle with anxiety.
    • Parents are overwhelmingly concerned about how the past two years have impacted their teens’ mental health (71 percent), overall health (66 percent) and physical fitness (60 percent). And 71 percent are equally concerned for their high schooler’s academic progress and preparedness for college.
    • That said, more than four in five teens report they are feeling hopeful about what’s to come in the future (85 percent) and that the pandemic showed them how strong they really are (82 percent).
  • Let’s Get Talking. Parents have overwhelmingly spoken more regularly to their teens over the past two years about topics like self-esteem and confidence (92 percent), exercise and working out (88 percent) and mental health (82 percent). The majority of teens today also say they are now more open and communicative about their feelings (79 percent).
  • Screen Time, More Time. A majority of parents (55 percent) also report the time their teens spends on social media has increased since the start of the pandemic. In fact, many parents feel their teens are spending more time being sedentary than active – 54 percent noted their teens text more today, 52 percent saw an uptick in playing video games and 50 percent of parents say their teen is spending more time watching TV.
  • And more teens agree they spend too much time in front of screens than they did right before the pandemic (61 percent in 2022 versus 52 percent in 2020).

2022 Eagle Giving Month

Make Your Gift Today

What is Eagle Giving Month?

Eagle Giving is an online fundraising throughout the month leading up to the 2022 Eagle Recognition Dinner. For one month, the Eagle Scout Alumni community will come together in support of Scouting and future Eagle Scouts.

Together we are helping the Mayflower Council enrich, enhance, and elevate the lives of youth in Scouting.

Why have a Giving Month?

A Month of giving is more than just raising money online — it’s a tool to engage alumni, and Scout families by generating awareness and building a culture of philanthropy at Mayflower Council. It is an incredible opportunity to tell our story, inspire our audience, and acquire new donors, all in support of Scouting. This year, we are challenging 300 Eagle Scouts to Give Their Eagle Pride A Purpose.

How can I be a part of it?

From Wednesday, May 11, 2022 starting at 5:45am – Monday, June 13, 2022 at 5:45pm we need YOU to show Give Your Eagle Pride A Purpose!

  • Show your pride! Between 5:45 am Wed 5/11 – 5:45 pm Mon. 6/13:
    1. Make an online gift: Eagle Gives
    2. Help us gain momentum and reach more people. Encourage your networks to follow your lead by letting them know you just made a gift and why Scouting is important to you.
    3. “Like” the Mayflower social networks & Join the Alumni page
    4. Post to Instagram or Facebook stories with a short video of why it is important to support Scouting. Get personal. Tell your Scouting story to inspire others to make a gift. Repost, share, and like #SupportingFutureEagles #GiveYourEagleAPurpose social media posts throughout the day.
  • Share your pride! “Like” and “Share” the posts on our social networks (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) & Share your Scouting Story using the hashtag #GiveYourEaglePrideAPurpose.
  • Become a Fundraiser! Create your own custom fundraising page through Facebook or GoFundMe. Add photos, text and videos on why it’s important to you to help support Future Eagles. Then tag your fellow Eagle pals and share away. It’s quick and easy, and you could win some terrific Scouting swag! For help creating your page, contact Mariama Sano

Hashtags: #EagleGives, #GiveYourEagleAPurpose, #SupportingFutureEagles
Donation Link: Eagle Gives

Mayflower Social Networks:

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Scouting is a family. We rely on our strong network of alumni and friends to keep Scouting going. Thanks to our generous alumni, Scouting continues to Thrive.

Join us by making your gift, challenging your Eagle pals, and sharing on social media! Together we are Supporting Future Eagles and helping to keep Scouting alive.

Make Your Gift Today

Employment Opportunities with Mayflower Council


Bring your varied life experiences, education, and perspective, and in return you will have an opportunity to combine those skills and experiences in a career that values and respects others.

Scouting … a Profession with a Purpose

Since 1910, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has helped build future leaders of this country by combining educational and outdoor adventure activities with lifelong values and fun. The Boy Scouts America has a major focus on the development of youth.

What Professional Scouters Do

Several thousand commissioned professional Scouters lead, guide, and facilitate the efforts of more than a million adult volunteers on whom Scouting depends on to carry out its mission. It is the job of the professional Scouter to inspire, recruit, train, and support the BSA’s volunteers, in addition to working with community leaders and rallying public support for Scouting’s activities.


The professional Scouter in an entry level management position assigned to a specific role within a local council. Your success will be dependent on your ability to promote, supervise, and work with local volunteers. If you have skills in human relations, public relations, marketing, fundraising, finance, accounting, business management, or sales, then you should consider taking the opportunity to become a professional in the Mayflower Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

Training and Development = Success

The Boy Scouts of America realizes that in order for people to grow and be productive, they need opportunities to learn. The fact that more than 75 percent of the BSA’s professionals receive training each year is a testimony to the commitment by local councils and the national organization. Training courses, with set periods of time to acquire specific information, are part of our overall plan of development.

Professional Scouters receive continuous instruction through formal as well as informal training. The BSA fosters an environment of continuous learning to nurture collective creativity, which benefits both professionals and the organization. We share knowledge, ideas, and experience, creating both a workforce that is involved in decision making and an inclusive work environment that ensures the success of Scouting in the local community.

The BSA is committed to the training and development of individuals because we fully recognize the benefits of mutual growth and development that will unleash the creativity and productivity of its greatest asset: its people!

Compensation and Benefits

We offer a number of practical benefits for professional staffers. In fact, the BSA offers a benefits package considered to be among the best in the nonprofit sector. The package includes major medical, dental, vision, and prescription coverage in addition to long-term disability, accident, and life insurance, and a matching savings plan for retirement. The starting salary is competitive for these entry level positions.


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
  • Must have attained age 21
  • People-oriented, having the ability to work well with adult volunteers, community and business leaders, and representatives of other organizations
  • Able to work varied hours when necessary to achieve positive objectives
  • Believe in the BSA and subscribe to its principles and standards

Current Openings:


Submit your cover letter and resume to Rick Riopelle.

Scouting is Part of You

If you have been watching this spot on, it comes as no surprise that ScouterStan on YouTube is a favorite stop on the “InterWebs.”

Stan Richards, an Orlando-based Eagle Scout and Silver Beaver award recipient was part of a professional Scouting family. He continued his Scouting journey when his son became a Cub Scout. Later, Richards joined a district commissioner staff and now spreads his love of Scouting via YouTube, beginning that career via a Wood Badge project in 2006.

7 Knots Every Scout Should Know ™ – First Knot Tying Video on YouTube – Scouting Knot

Now six seasons into his ScouterStan show/podcasts, Richards, a unit commissioner in his council, recently posted a pick-me-up video for any Scouters feeling the weight of nearly three years of tough headlines, pandemic-planning, virtual meetings, and canceled plans. 

The video “Scouting is a Part of You” takes things down to brass tacks and reminds all of us who “wear the shirt” why we do what we do and why it is so important.

The video and its text are below:

Scouting is a Part of You

“Scouting is a part of you. You know how important it is for all of today’s youth. Scout leaders work hard for the benefit of others to achieve. All the while, remembering your commitments to the Scout Oath. Living an exemplary life, and putting the Scout Law into action in all that you do. You truly know that leadership is more than anyone ever thinks it is. It’s living and acting as the example, and not the exception. The young people you work with will always remember you. How you act with others will leave them smiling, and thinking about how to do better. Leaders often face many challenges and need to know they are not alone. Use all your skills and resources you have to make things better for all Scouts and Scouters. Occasionally, the difficulties cannot be resolved. When this happens your leadership is more of an example than you might think. Your character in accepting things you can not change will prove your wisdom. Always looking forward to solutions that help others find a better path. Mentoring Scouts and helping them make good decisions can only benefit everyone. As you know, Scout leaders are there, for all scouts, no matter what. One day, when your good turn is done… You can look back on all the young lives your leadership has influenced. Their success was made possible by your guidance… your leadership. When you recall all their success, remember you are a part of it. Never forget them shaking your hand and looking up at you. This is what it’s all about! You have made a real difference, and you have made a better world for being there. Scouting is a part of you… Now go make the world better for being a Scout leader.”

Meanwhile, speaking to the level of commitment necessary to be a Scouter, Stan posted a new video entitled, “Making the Most of Your Time in Scouting.”

Again, Stan spoke from the heart, honestly and purposefully, to give a lot of information on creating a fantastic program for our youth.

Making the Most of Your Time in ScoutingAre you interested in volunteering for your local units or the Mayflower Council? Email me here and I will help you learn how.

Youth Applications Online Transition

As we continue our work to enhance the traditions of Scouting here in the 21st Century and augment the privacy and safety of our membership, the Mayflower Council will soon look to move most membership functions online. Long story short, the days of youth paper-based membership applications are coming to an end.

Mott Receives National Recognition

While we’re all in it for the youth of Massachusetts; however it’s great when our leaders and volunteers are recognized for their hard work.

Recently, The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Lodge (No. 1476 Plymouth) reported Plymouth’s Michelle Mott was awarded “the Marvin M. Lewis Award” by the Elks National Scouting Committee. posted:

Eight years ago, Mott’s son joined Pack 47 in Plymouth, Cranberry Harbors District, Old Colony Council, now part of Mayflower Council. Within the first year, Mott was serving as den leader for her son’s Tiger Den. She continued as den leader with her son for Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and Arrow of Light rank. Mott also became more involved in Pack 47 eventually becoming the Cubmaster, serving for three years. She also volunteered on the Cranberry Harbors District Committee. For the past four years, she has been involved with the Activities Committee helping to organize District and Council events ranging from 200-750 scout attendees. Chuckwagon, Webelos Woods, Webelos Klondike and Polar Challenge are some of the many events she has helped organize.

“Although fully position trained with many awards and recognitions, Mott had planned to end her tenure as a scouting volunteer when her son crossed over into a troop,” added WickedLocal. “However, the BSA made changes that affected Mott. In 2018, girls were allowed to join Cub Scouts and form girl dens, which meant Mott was going to repeat the journey she had made with her son, Adam, except this time with her daughter, Rachel. 

“During all this, Mott continued to expand her Scouting skills and training.”

Due to her hard work, Mott received the Lewis Award, which recognizes Elks members that:

  • Have brought Scouting to more youth 
  • Have assisted local Elks lodges in forming Scouting units 
  • Are fully trained in the skills of Scouting and are outstanding role models 
  • Have contributed significantly to Elks and Scouting by bringing the two movements together to serve the community 
  • Have offered Scouting to all youth regardless of race, creed or income level, and have been instrumental in organizing Scouting units, especially in inner-city or other low-income communities

For the full article from, click here. And join us in congratulating Michelle Mott for all that she does for Scouting and the Elks.If you know of a Scouter who deserves some recognition, be sure to email us here at Mayflower Council.

Extensive New Member Marketing Campaign

At their February 16 council executive board meeting, $250k was approved for a major marketing campaign to help entice new members to join Scouting in Mayflower Council. The campaign is being directed by the Council Marketing Committee and managed by Mittcom, a local marketing firm who excels at integrated campaigns unitizing social platforms. The executive board agreed to direct the funds from the council endowment fund.

Guidance on Donations to Ukrainian Scouting

Many volunteers have requested information on how to help Scouting in Ukraine. Please see the official statement from the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) below.

WOSM recognizes one National Scout Organization per country. For Ukraine, the Member Organization is National Organization of Scouts of Ukraine (NOSU). We encourage all NSOs that any Scouting support is channeled through the mechanisms made available through WOSM.

We are aware that many other non-WOSM but Scout-like entities are active in the region, including PLAST. We are not affiliated with organizations in Ukraine besides NOSU.

In most cases, the best way to help with the unfolding humanitarian crisis is to make a financial contribution through WOSM or another reputable NGO.

To directly support Scouts’ humanitarian relief work in Ukraine and for refugees, you can donate here. Representatives on the ground know what is needed and financial contributions help them purchase the most needed and locally-appropriate supplies.

For additional and ongoing updates, please visit here.

Questions? Email International Division at the National Council.

Resolute Ramps Up the Outdoor Experiences

So, it’s March. The Freeze-Out is done. The Klondike Derby is over. Meanwhile, there are only so many times you can play “Manhunt” in and around your troop, pack, or den meeting space. 

Moreover, you have some Scouts who need, need, need to do something — anything — outdoors. Well Scouters, we here at your Mayflower Council have the solution. Actually, we have many solutions.

Resolute Base Camp continues this month, and runs programs into June (and returns in the fall, too).

Here are the deets:

  • Resolute Base Camp Outdoor Experience is a daytime program offered on weekends at Camp Resolute in Bolton, MA. Outdoor Experience is an exciting new program offered on weekends throughout the year. It can be a fun bonding experience or outing for families, Scouts, and units. 
  • All activities are run by trained and certified staff. Units can work towards specific advancements and awards while non-Scouts can participate in fun outdoor activities and skills development. Outdoor Experience is designed to allow participants to go at their own pace. 
  • Outdoor Experience is open to all youth currently in grades K-12.  A parent/guardian or unit leader must stay with any youth attending Outdoor Experience.

Okay, okay. I get it. I had you at “Resolute Base Camp.”

So, click here to register.

You’re welcome!

Updated Safe Swim Defense Training

In collaboration with the BSA National Aquatics Subcommittee, ScoutingU has released an updated version of “Safe Swim Defense” online training that is also mobile compatible. Since the inception of Scouting, learning to swim and engaging in aquatics activities have been core to the program. Safe Swim Defense training is required for any BSA unit who will participate in swimming activities. This online training ensures that adult leaders are prepared to facilitate safe swimming programs by reviewing the eight points of Safe Swim Defense. To access the updated training, log onto and search the catalog in the BSA Learn Center for “Safe Swim Defense.” For additional information regarding BSA aquatics programs, please refer to the Guide to Safe Scouting and the BSA’s Aquatics Supervision Guide.


Q. Does Safe Swim Defense training have to be renewed?
A. Yes, adults supervising a swimming activity must have completed Safe Swim Defense training within the previous two years.

Q. Do I need to take the new version of Safe Swim Defense training if my current training is not expired?
A. No, you can complete the updated version of Safe Swim Defense when your current certification expires.

Q. Is Safe Swim Defense training available to take in person?
A. No, Safe Swim Defense is only available online. It is also mobile compatible.