As you know, May is Den Leader Appreciation Month in the Mayflower Council.

Today, we recognize Todd Johnson of Pack 748 Medway as our third Den Leader of the Week for May 2024. 

Todd Johnson of Pack 748 Medway

Pack 748

Pack 748 Medway

“Todd has the liveliest den in the pack,” wrote Cubmaster Chris McKnerney. “His Scouts like to run around and have a good time, and Todd knows how to plan for that. 

“He keeps his meetings short and sweet, and the den meets outside year-round with many outings. 

“Todd is incredibly patient and well prepared and contributes to pack planning and activities,” added McKnerney.

While “patience” isn’t part of the Scout Law (yet), Todd’s ability to look beyond the excitement and energy remains a crucial facet of his leadership.

Todd Johnson

Todd Johnson, Den Leader, Pack 748

“Todd’s planning and patience make him an excellent den leader,” added the pack’s leader. “His den meets more often than the others in the pack because he knows he has to hold the Scouts’ attention. 

Meanwhile, and beyond the backyard, Johnson gets his den out and about.

“Todd is great at relating to his lively den, ” said Cubmaster McKnerney. “He takes them on many interesting outings, including trips to the town’s waste management facility, a supermarket, hikes, and even a fish hatchery.”

Congratulations and thank you to Todd Johnson of Medway for all his efforts on behalf of his den, Pack 748, and the Mayflower Council.

Den Leader Appreciation Month

“Den Leaders Light the Way!” Scouters!  

This month, we’re celebrating extraordinary leaders. Using your suggestions, the Mayflower Council will recognize our superlative Den Leaders via social media weekly in May. Meanwhile, each officially registered Den Leader in the Council will receive a limited edition commemorative patch! Nominate your best den leaders here.

And remember to RSVP to the Den Leader Appreciation Extravaganza near you!