New Event Registration & Calendar Platform

Our council has begun transitioning to a new online event registration platform named Black Pug, which is used by almost half of all Boy Scout councils nationwide. The previous system, Doubleknot, was a major step forward when we adopted it nearly 16 years ago. After careful, thoughtful and detailed evaluation we believe the Black Pug platform will be an improvement, addressing multiple issues brought up by our members and volunteers and improving your experience when signing up for camps and other activities and accessing the council calendar.

The transition to Black Pug has already begun. Many of our recent events and summer camp sign-ups have been utilizing the new platform. Black Pug will soon become the new platform for the council calendar providing many of the most requested features including calendar subscription links and RSS feeds. We anticipate the full integration of Black Pug into the council website to be completed by June 1.

Individuals and units will have until July 31 to archive any data on the Doubleknot system they wish to retain and we will be sunsetting Doubleknot in Mayflower Council in early August. 

We are excited to be sharing this new event registration system with you and we thank you for your patience as we make this transition. We look forward to serving you better. If you have any questions or need assistance with Black Pug please contact Lisa Olson our Black Pug subject matter expert.

Headwaters Volunteer Award Recipients 2019-2020

Headwaters District has some INCREDIBLE volunteers!

We recognize these volunteers at our Annual District Dinner.  Our district leadership relies on the generosity of our unit leaders, parents, and friends to nominate the great volunteers we have each year for these awards.  To help remind everyone of who has received these awards in the past few years, this post includes our complete list of District Award recipients.

You can find nomination forms at this webpage here: LINK

Cubmaster of the Year

2019 – Jennifer Smith

2020 – Ryan Turncliff

Scoutmaster of the Year

2019 – Matthew Peters

2020 – Chris Botchis

Crew Advisor of the Year

2019 – Emily Sricharoenchaikit

2020 – Caroline Cronin

Committee Chair of the Year

2019 – Marie Riddell

– Jennifer Parrella

– Ed Reitz

2020 –  Lauren Rowe

– Jim Rhein

Charter Organization Representative of the Year

2019 – Rob Jackson

2020 – Ted Newman

Unsung Hero Award

2019 – Keith Zontini

2020 – Bill Murphy

Spark Plug Award

2019 Recipients

  Stephen Lavoie Joan Provencal
Brian & Kelly Poirier John Rosala
Chris Houle Kevin Rudden
Christopher Bruno Laureen Soumoulis
Darren Grant
Mark Derderian
Gene Papula
Mike & Nancy Giombetti
Greg Schorn Paul Jackson
Jeff Somers
Peter & Janet Alberti
Jim Ares Sharon McCabe

2020 Recipients

Adrianne Marzoratti
Jim Conners
Diane Gaughran Michele Duffy
Gerald Bubb Michelle DeCosta
Jack Wixted Pam Ercolani
Jay Jorgensen
Pinky Jose
Renee Schoch

District Award of Merit Recipients in Headwaters District

Al Marquez Eric Theis Paul Callahan
Al Vautour Francis McCarthy Paul Casello
Alan Koufos George Brenckle Paul Gadd
Andy Defrancesco George Giannotti Paul LeDuc
Ann Bach Hank Rauch Pauline Chute
Arnold Oyola Harry Schreffler Pete Lane
Arthur Haviland Jay Kanavos Peter Geromini
Bill Mills-Curran Jeff Maloney Polly Thayer
Bill Murphy Jim Tashjian Randy LaRosa
Bob Collins Jim Watson Ray Hirx
Brad Saunders Joan Wordell Rebecca Mangus
Brian VanLaarhoven John Breen Rick Keough
Candy Martel John Gillespie Robert Luongo
Charles Clayton John Harrington Rob Pike
Charlottee Bramley John Houlihan Rod Pfannenstiel
Chris Anderson John Magoun Ronald Johnson
Chris Miga John Maguire Ronald Koshko
Dan Mitchell John Polanowicz Rosaleen Sullivan
David Bach Kathleen Bubier Scott McWilliams
Dennis Rawley Kenneth Lizotte Shawn McConnell
Dick Mangus Kevin Rudden Skip Peterson
Donald Chute Lawrence Sullivan Steven Symes
Donald Matchinski Leslie Jacobs Susan Gillespie
Donna Cucinotta Maureen Searl Tim Howe
Eileen McCarthy Michael Merolli Tom Moore
Ej Dotts Mike Barry William Stanney
Mike McGuire

Headwaters March 2021 Roundtable Documents

Headwaters District Roundtable was held on Thursday March 4th:

Helpful Links:

  1. Link to our reminder email with the powerpoints, links to topics and forms – HERE
  2. Links to our Powerpoint:

The BSA also has Advancement Educational Presentations PowerPoint Presentations—for group instruction or individual review. This is great to let parents or advancement coordinators of any unit or any Scout learn about the complex advancement procedures and practices!

We hope you join us for roundtables, connect with our district and other unit leaders and volunteers, and represent your unit!

Headwaters February 2021 Roundtable Documents

Headwaters District Roundtable on Thursday Feb 4th:

Helpful Links:

  1. Link to our reminder email with sign up link (preregister for which breakout room you will be in )
  2. Our PowerPoint for Understanding & Engaging Millennial Parents
  3. Welcoming Millennial Parents: ‘Take Action’ Ideas

We hope you join us for Roundtables, connect with our District and other Unit leaders and volunteers, and represent your Unit!

District Award Nominations

Below you will find nomination forms for recognizing Scouters at the unit and district levels.  As well as nationally recognized nomination forms.

Nomination form for District Awards – due March 15

  • Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Venturing crew advisor, committee chair (for any unit) and charter organization representative of the year awards
  • Unsung Hero Award – someone who goes above and beyond in the district.
  • “Sparkplug” – each pack, troop, or crew can recognize one of their adult leaders for going above and beyond.

Nomination for the District Award of Merit – due March 15

The District Award of Merit is a council award presented by districts in the same manner that the Silver Beaver is a national
award presented by councils. The award is available to Scouters who render service of an outstanding nature at the district level.

These nomination forms must be sent via email to:  Mayflower Awards

The district key 3 typically will present the awards at the annual district recognition dinner.

Download the fillable PDF
District Awards Form

Download the 
District Award of Merit Form

Headwaters January 2021 RT Powerpoint

Thank you to everyone that joined us on January 7, 2020 Roundtable!
We hope everyone had a good holiday season, happy new year to all, welcome back to what is going to be a great year of Scouting!

Below is the powerpoint from our Roundtable, please access it to see what we discussed and the points we discussed.

1.7.2021 Roundtable Powerpoint

There are also many helpful links below:

  • COVID-19 Updates to Advancement from the BSA:  Link Here
  • Bryan on Scouting – Getting ready for Pinewood Derby Events/Virtually – Link Here

Talk to you all soon! Thank you for everything you do!

Headwaters December 2020 RT Powerpoint

Thank you to everyone that joined us on December 3, 2020 Roundtable!
We hope everyone had a good holiday season, happy new year to all!

And a HUGE congrats to every unit that submitted their chartering paperwork on time!

Below is the powerpoint from our Roundtable, please access it to see what we discussed and the points we discussed.

12.3.2020 Roundtable Powerpoint

There are also many helpful links below:

Headwaters District Units

This is a complete list of our current units in the Headwaters District.  To get in touch with these units, apply to them, ask for more information, or see where they are located in their town, go to and search for Packs, Troops, Crews, and Posts near your zip code!

Pack 17 Franklin Troop 1 Mendon Crew 21 Hudson
Pack 24 Marlborough Troop 1 Northborough Crew 100 Westborough
Pack 28 Northborough Troop 1 Hopkinton Crew 129 Franklin
Pack 31 Marlborough Troop 1 Southborough Crew 316 Marlborough
Pack 41 Marlborough Troop 1 Hopedale
Pack 42 Marlborough Troop 2 Marlborough Post 85 Westborough
Pack 55 Northborough Troop 2 Milford
Pack 67 Milford Troop 4 Milford
Pack 92 Franklin Troop 4 Hopkinton
Pack 97 Hopkinton Troop 11 GT Hopkinton
Pack 100 Westborough Troop 14 Bellingham
Pack 126 Franklin Troop 29 Franklin
Pack 926 Southborough Troop 41 Marlborough
Pack 3001 Ashland Troop 44 Mendon
Pack 3004 Hopkinton Troop 77 Hudson
Pack 3033 Westborough Troop 92 Southborough
Pack 3104 Hudson Troop 99 Franklin
Pack 3204 Milford Troop 100 Westborough
Pack 3401 Hopedale Troop 100 Bellingham
Pack 3501 Mendon Troop 101 Northborough
Pack 3601 Southborough Troop 126 Franklin
Troop 219 GT Milford
Troop 232 Ashland
Troop 303 Marlborough
Troop 314 Milford
Troop 382 Westborough
Troop 512 Hudson
Troop 512 GT Hudson
Troop 823 GT Northborough

Headwaters November Roundtable Powerpoint

Hello Headwaters,

We hope you are joining us for our November 5th virtual roundtable.

The Agenda for our Roundtable is:

  • Welcome
  • Opening
  • Recharter update
  • Training update
  • District news
  • Safety minute: Winter sports
  • Breakouts
    – Cub scout breakout: Keeping your cub scouts having fun
    – Scouts BSA breakout: How to conduct socially distant ceremonies

You can follow along with our slideshow that we have included below!

November 5th, 2020 Roundtable slides

Headwaters Recharter Info 2020

Rechartering time is here!

Earlier this month every Unit’s Committee Chair and Charter Organization Representative should have received an email with your Unit’s personal rechartering code.  Using that code, you can follow the steps at Mayflower Council’s Rechartering Webpage to begin this year’s re-chartering.

An important Note: The Mayflower Council Office in Milford MA is NOT available for unscheduled stop-ins. Please go to the link above for applications and paperwork that you need. If you need items from the Council office, please get in touch with Rob Hillman.

To begin:

  1. Make sure you have your Unit’s code. If you do not see the email, please send an email to Headwaters to get in touch with our District Key 3 who can provide your specialized code.
  2. Next: Make sure to select: BEGIN RECHARTERING FOR PACKS, TROOPS, CREWS, SHIPS & POSTS to start this year’s rechartering. Once you have started it, you can use the other link to CONTINUE PREVISOULY STARTED PACK, TROOP, CREWS, SHIPS & POSTS, but for the first login this year, you must BEGIN.
    Help From your Commissioners:

Our District Commissioner Corps has put together a plan and helpful documents to assist you and your Unit with this year’s rechartering.

Here is what is being provided:

Questions? Email:  Headwaters