February Roundtable

Below are the event flyers, training newsletter and other information from the February Roundtable.


Cranberry Harbors District Dinner

2020 Scouting Report to the Commonwealth Flyer

2020 Staff Flyer Camp Resolute and Squanto

Cranberry Harbors Dist Pinewood Derby


2020 Polar Challenge Freeze Out

Post Road District Dinner

Headwaters District Dinner

Headwaters Pinewood

Mayflower training news Feb 20

Outdoor Ethics Guide Course

January Roundtable

Below are the event flyers, training newsletter and other information from the December Roundtable.

2020 Summer  – Camp Resolute Kickoff

Council Recognition Dinner

Cranberry Harbors District Dinner 

Polar Challenge / Freeze Out

Post Road District Dinner

January – Mayflower Training Newsletter

Scouts BSA Klondike 

Webelos Klondike

December Roundtable

Below are the event flyers, training newsletter and other information from the December Roundtable.

2019 Museum of Science Overnight

2019-2020 District Award of Merit Form

2019-2020 District-Awards Form

Mayflower Training News December 2019

Scouts BSA Klondike – Hosted by the Sachem District

Webelos Klondike Flyer – Hosted by the Sachem District

November Roundtable

Below are the event flyers, training newsletters and other information from our November Roundtable.

Wood Badge Brochure

Scouts BSA Training Day – 2019-11-09

Reporting Community Service Hours update 2019

Philmont 2020 Flyer – Girl Troop

P-Bruins November Schedule

Membership Fees

Additional Disclosures and Background Check Authorization

Mayflower training news Nov 19

LNT May 2020

Freeze Out 2020



October Roundtable

Below are the event flyers, training newsletters and other information from our October Roundtable.


2019 Museum of Science Overnight Flyer

2019 Tread Lightly Trainer Course

District Leadership Summit

Freeze Out 2020

Mayflower training news Oct 19

October P-Bruins Game Tickets

November P-Bruins Game Tickets


September 2019 Roundtable Flyers

The handouts from this month’s Roundtable meeting:

Shadow Box Form

Scouting For Food

Camp Resolute – 100th Anniversary Camporee

Philmont 2020

Training Newsletter

Webelos Woods

Sachem Fall Camporee


Post Road Commissioners

Bruce Wester Andy Sonderfan Scott Fisher
Tim Cantin Bill Kelly Steve Maire

Post Road Committee

Position Name
Advancement Michael Matzka
Activities Tami Roberts
Training Dick Clarke
Religious Emblems Michael Matzka
Fundraising Investment in Character Al Williamson
Popcorn Jerry Tempesta
Order of the Arrow Chapter Advisor Nancy Goldberg
Membership Open
Camping Open

March 2019 Roundtable Recap

Thank you to those who were able to participate in the March Roundtable! The night created a plethora of ideas I’m happy to be able to share with the district.

For those unable to attend, the March Roundtable revisited the factors to consider for new scouts, parents, and leaders wanting to join your unit.

There was a request for an example annual activity permission form units could use. A big thank you to Troop 29 in East Bridgewater for allowing us to share their form!

For those seeking to survey their units for capability the following forms may serve as some use:

There were questions about what training is required for specific adult positions. The national website offers a resource to simplify the training requirements.

Thank you again to all that attended!

April 2019 Roundtable Recap

In April we went live, literally! For the first time the district made our roundtable meeting available online using Facebook Live. There are a few areas to improve on, but we appreciate all our virtual participants for attending and providing feedback.

April’s Roundtable meeting was broken up into four parts.

  • Internet Safety – Bringing awareness to the Youth Protection Website as a treasure trove for adult leaders and parents.
    • We reviewed the YPT website to ensure leaders understood the valuable resources on the site. Specifically, how to direct parents to YPT material to further understand the measures in place to protect our participants. This can be found on the Youth Protection Website under the header Key Resources or by going directly to the Parent’s Guide website.
  • Cyber Chip – In this digital age, there is an inevitability youth will be subjected to various virtual circumstances. Cyber Chip helps to educate and inform; providing learning on how to deal with uncomfortable or challenging situations. The Boy Scouts of America are partnered with site NetSmartz to provide the Cyber Chip program. Leaders may find additional content on the site’s Trends & Topic‘s page; providing resources to initiate dialogue and educate others.
  • YPT Safety Videos – There are 3 program specific videos to further educate and inform safety awareness. Each of these videos are available for purchase from the Boy Scouts of America or can be found online for free on sites such as YouTube.
    • It Happened to Me (Cub Scouts) – The video creates open communication between a Cub Scout and their parent. The content of the training focuses on “Four Rules of Personal Safety” with each rule having a corresponding video scenario. Additional Cub Scout resources and the facilitator’s guide for this video can be found here.
    • A Time to Tell (Scouts, BSA) – Shows several strategies used to attempt sexual molestation. The scenarios in the video are broken into two segments, (1) recognition (2) resist and report, with a discussion portion between the two segments and at the conclusion of the scenario. The aim of the video is to educate in the three R’s of Youth Protection: Recognize, Resist, Report. Additional Scouts, BSA resources and the facilitator’s guide for this video can be found here.
    • Personal Safety Awareness Training (Venturing) – There are four video segments to the training: Suicide Prevention, Internet Safety, Sexual Harassment, and Date Rape. These are coming to age topics for maturing youth. The videos offer insight into the situation and allows discussion of the topics in a judgement free environment. Additional Venturing resources can be found here while the facilitator’s guide for this video can be found here.

Each of the above videos are a way to open dialogue with program participants. Comprehension of the identified rules, principles, and scenarios help better equip a participant to face or help others face these scenarios. Youth Protection is most successful when registered youth, adults, and parents understand how to keep others safe and recognize the tell tale signs for when something doesn’t seem right.

  • QA Session – Our QA session focused heavily on utilizing Social Media. The Scouting Wire site offers a basic outline of the Boy Scouts of America’s social media guidelines.
    • There was a specific question regarding Facebook Groups. Facebook groups have three levels of classification: Public, Closed, and Secret. The privacy settings for each of these group types can be found here. Under no circumstance should a group created to set to Secret. The Boy Scouts of America do not permit any secret practices or organizations. The designation of Secret would go against this policy. At minimum, groups need to be searchable by the public; Public and Closed groups are searchable by the public.

The final point of the night was an emphasis on a need for youth to feel comfortable coming forward when an incident/ violation of Youth Protection occurs. There was a phrase used when I would train the Suicide Prevention segment of the Personal Safety Awareness Training. “You are better to lose a friendship than lose a life.” The sentiment of this phrase applies regardless of the scenario/ situation. An individual willingly disclosed something personal and deeply inflicting to their well being. We have a duty to act and take the information seriously. If we create an environment where there are repercussions for an individual afflicted, the individuals who need our help the most won’t come forward. Make the point to your scouts, leaders, and parents that helping someone in need to ensure their safety is more important than any action the person took to be in their situation.