PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.  These rules and regulations are implemented to assure proper conduct at Mayflower Council camps, to keep camps in good condition, and to insure the safety of all that use the facilities.  We appreciate your decision to camp with us and we hope you have a great time. A printable copy of these rules and regulations can be found here.


  1. Everyone will conduct themselves in accordance with the SCOUT OATH and LAW.
  2. A minimum of two registered adult leaders, or one adult and a parent of a participating Scout, one of whom must be at least 21 years of age or older, are required for all trips or outings. Co-ed overnight activities require male and female adult leaders, both of whom must be 21 years of age or older.
  3. National BSA policy requires that male and female campers have segregated sleeping arrangements.
  4. All units are required to meet standards of the Guide to Safe Scouting in regards to age/supervision/guidelines for Cub Scout camping.
  5. Groups arriving with only one leader will not be permitted to remain in camp.
  6. Please review these rules and regulations with all the members in your group.

Check In / Check Out

  1. The Camp Master or Ranger (whoever is on duty) is responsible for the maintenance of standards at camp for off-season use.
  2. The group leader MUST CHECK IN and CHECK OUT with Camp Master/Ranger BEFORE seeking access to their reserved facility. Any special instructions will be communicated to you at this time.
  3. Lock Box Codes or Keys will be issued by the Camp Master/Ranger at check-in. Lost Key Fee – There is a $200.00 per lock re-keying fee for lost cabin keys.

Facility Usage

  1. All groups are restricted to their assigned site/building those assigned by the Camp Master. An adult from your group must supervise all activities throughout the camp.  NO YOUTH are to WANDER ALONE.
  2. Unassigned buildings are OFF LIMITS and there is no climbing onto roofs of any buildings.
  3. DO NOT move equipment of any kind into or out of any site/building.
  4. Should you require assistance, please request the help of the Camp Master/Ranger.
  5. Platforms are for summer camp use ONLY! Picnic tables may be used, but MAY NOT BE MOVED without permission.
  6. All groups are responsible for any and all damage done to camp property by the group during their stay.
  7. It is expected that all facilities used will be cleaned, and that adequate firewood, if used, will be replenished before departure.

Vehicle Usage

  1. No vehicles are permitted beyond the parking lot. All vehicles are to be parked in designated parking lots.  Camping in the parking area or sleeping in vehicles is prohibited
  2. The Camp Master/Ranger may authorize a single Vehicle and/or Trailer to enter camp areas when unusual circumstances dictate. Guidelines of allowing personal vehicle access to camps are available from the Council Office.
  3. Lock all vehicles. The camp/council is not responsible for items left in vehicles.
  4. The speed limit in camp, whether posted or not, is 5 MPH. NO riders in the beds of trucks.  Seat belts must be worn per compliance with state law.


  1. Do not leave garbage in fire pits, or latrines. Do not bury any garbage.
  2. Groups must take all garbage home with them or to dumpster. Camp Master/Ranger will identify available dumpsters.
  3. Tin, glass, or other harmful items must be disposed of in the dumpsters before leaving camp. Please do not discard any food scraps outside.  Camp Master/Ranger will identify available dumpsters.


  1. Water is available at all camps – ask the Camp Master/Ranger for the closest source to your site.
    • Squanto – As identified by Camp Master/Ranger
    • Nobscot – Hand pumps are located throughout the camp
    • Resolute – Campsite latrine/shower house from May through September; and at Director’s Cabin from October through April
  2. Please bring containers to carry water as they are not available at camp.

Fires & Cooking, Liquid Fuels & Lanterns

  1. Use of compressed, or liquid gas stoves or lanterns is permitted with knowledgeable adult supervision, in facilities only when and where permitted, and in accordance with the Guide to Safe Scouting. No tank 10 pounds or larger may be brought into any building (Mass. state fire code).
  2. NO flames in tents or lean-tos.
  3. Fires (properly supervised) are allowed in Cabins with Wood Stoves. NO charcoal or coal is to be burned in wood stoves.
  4. NO standing trees are to be cut. No fire wood is to be brought onto any camp property.
  5. Fire Wood is available, see Camp Master/Ranger for location.
  6. Fires must be supervised at all times in accordance with the Mayflower Council Fire Policy (attached). At departure, make sure all fires are “dead out”.
  7. Self-contained cooking fires must be put in fire facilities provided by Camp. Altering, redesigning, relocating or adding any fire pits in camp is NOT allowed.
  8. You need to ask Camp Master/Ranger for permission to have campfire.
  9. Fuel, matches, etc., should be handled by adults only.
  10. Adequate fire control (water, sand, etc.) should be present at all times.

Swimming & Waterfront

  1. Fishing is permitted but ONLY in NON-SWIMMING areas.
  2. Swimming is prohibited unless prior arrangements have been made with the Council Office. A group is required to abide by the 8-point Safe Swim Defense Plan with one (1) leader holding current certification of which a copy is on file with their camp application.
  4. Violations of the above regulations could result in requesting your group to leave camp IMMEDIATELY!

Health & Safety

  • NO alcoholic beverages, marijuana or illegal substances
  • NO firearms, archery equipment, or ammunition
  • NO fireworks
  • NO pets of any kind
  • NO snowmobiles, motorized bikes, four wheelers, bicycles, etc.
  • NO sheath knives
  • NO power equipment such as chainsaws, electric generators, etc.
  • NO aerosol cans in camp
  • NO harassment or “pranking” other groups
  • DO NOT disturb wildlife or their habitat
  • DO NOT cut, dig, deface or destroy trees or plants
  • DO NOT litter – A Scout is Clean!
  • NO SMOKING IN ANY BUILDING OR STRUCTURE!  Smoking is only permitted in the parking lot.  Do not litter; take your butts with you!  The National Council, BSA recommends NO SMOKING at any event with youth present.
  • NO TRENCHING or digging of holes.
  • NO carving of building or trees.
  • NO use of axes or hatchets, without adult supervision.

Emergencies at Camp

In case an emergency should arise with your group while in camp, you must notify the Camp Master/Ranger IMMEDIATELY.  That person will assist you in making whatever arrangements are deemed necessary.  An emergency report must be filed with the Camp Master/Ranger before you depart Camp.

Notify the Camp Master/Ranger immediately for:

  1. All injuries – no matter how small
  2. Lost person(s)
  3. Fire
  4. Suspicious looking or acting person(s)
  5. Injured or sick animals – do not approach

Emergency Contact Information

  1. Police/Fire – 911
  2. Nobscot & Resolute Facilities Manager: Dale Blue – (508) 250-2292
  3. Squanto Ranger: Roland Cloutier – (508) 243-0123

Outdoor Fire Policy

The purpose of the Outdoor Fire Policy stated below is to limit the size of all outdoor fires used in conjunction with BSA related program elements on properties owned and operated by the Mayflower Council, Boy Scouts of America.

The rational for this policy is summarized as follows;

  • To protect the health and safety of all Scouts, Scouters and visitors participating in programs requiring the use of a fire or fires on the aforementioned properties.
  • To reduce the risk of damage to the property as well as the properties of our abutting neighbors and the associated liability resulting from such damage.
  • To conform to state fire regulations as they pertain to outdoor fires.
  • To conform to all EPA and OSHA regulations as pertaining to outdoor burning and incineration of materials that may be considered hazardous. 
  1. Fire Lay

No fire lay in excess of 6’ in diameter and 5’ in height will be permitted on properties owned and operated by the Mayflower Council, BSA without the express written permission of the Council Camping Committee and the appropriate property superintendent (Facilities Manager/Ranger/Camp Master).

The Facilities Manager/Ranger/Camp Master will have the right to restrict the use of fires on the property for whatever reason deemed appropriate.

  1. Combustibles

All combustibles used in construction of any fire lay for use with Scouting related program element will be natural and clean.  Combustibles that have been contaminated by paint, solvents, creosote or other preservative chemicals may not be used.

  1. Fire Starters/Accelerants

In accordance with BSA policy, the use of liquid or chemical fuels to start or accelerate any fire is prohibited.