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100th Anniversary of Camp Resolute

Come join current and past staff, campers, and leaders as we celebrate this milestone. Tour the camp, share your memories, re-engage with friends from the past! The afternoon will begin with activity stations open for your enjoyment, a re-dedication of memorial park, then a barbecue, formal parade and retreat, special presentations, and a closing [...]

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National Duty To God Award

Mayflower Council congratulates Michael P. Healy for receiving the National Duty to God Award at the Duty to God Award Breakfast at the 2019 Boy Scouts of America National Annual Meeting posthumously. Michael P. Healy was the leading figure in enabling youth and adults of Unitarian Universalist faith to enjoy Scouting. He founded the Unitarian Universalist [...]

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Silver Antelope Award

Mayflower Council would like to congratulate Chris Thorp as a recipient of the Silver Antelope Award.  The Silver Antelope Award is conferred by the National Court of Honor of the By Scouts of America upon nomination by the region for distinguished service to youth. The award is made for noteworthy service of exceptional character to [...]

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