How to Sell $1,000 Social Distancing
Sell for 8 hours, fund your entire year of Scouting!

STEP 1: Create a Trail’s End account for your Scout.

  • Text APP to 62771 to download the Trail’s End App.

STEP 2: Make a list of 30+ people you know to ask for support.

  • With your Scout, go through the contact lists of your phone(s) and your social media friends lists (ie. Facebook).

STEP 3: Draft your Scout’s sales pitch.

  • Example: Hi **customer’s name**, I am raising money to help pay for summer camp. Please follow the link to my fundraising page and make a purchase that will help me earn my own way in Scouting. Can I count on your support?

STEP 4: Build your Scout’s personalized fundraising page.

  • Once signed into the app, go to Online Direct and then Manage Page.
  • Upload a picture of your Scout smiling, preferably in their Class A uniform.
  • Paste your sales pitch into the About Me section.
  • Select your Favorite Product.

STEP 5: Ask for support.

  • Share your Scout’s fundraising page from the App through Social Media (Facebook, Twitter), Text Message, Email, and more.
  • For BEST results, Scouts should make phone or video calls (FaceTime, Zoom). Scouts can take payment over the phone or use the Online
  • Direct cart sharing feature so you customer can complete the purchase.
  • Tip: Just like in face-to-face selling, customers say yes more often with a personal ask (call, text, email, DM) than an indirect ask (general Facebook post).

STEP 6: Ask for support in the neighborhood.

  • Ask neighbors for support in local Facebook Groups, Apps (Next Door).
  • Visit 30 homes in your neighborhood
  • Use the cart sharing feature to remain socially distanced.