Over $121,000 sold online! Mayflower Council Scouts are doing amazing! Let’s keep this total growing.

Trail’s End is launching new incentives to help Scouts hit their goals before the holidays. Your unit will receive an additional $25 Gift Card for every $750 in Online Direct Sales between Thursday, November 5 (8 PM EST) through Thursday, November 26 (8 PM EST).

Scouts will earn bonus Gift Cards, and 15 Scouts will win their choice of an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5!

If You’re Not Registered To Sell Popcorn Online:

  • There’s no better time than now to start! Sale ends on December 31!
  • Free shipping on orders $30 or more directly to your customers.
  • Easy to use and share via social media, text and email with family, friends and neighbors.
  • Download and use the Trail’s End App for contactless ordering and payment.
  • Participate in the sale even if your unit is not selling.
  • Generate revenue for your unit without ever handling product or inventory.
  • Scouts can sell virtually from anywhere.

Text APP to 62771 to get a link to download