Thank you to all Cub Scout leaders that joined us for both the April 2nd Virtual Roundtable and the Cub Scout Check-in virtual meeting on April 22nd.  We appreciate everyone sharing their ideas and plans for remote programming for their Units!

Below is an update to our working document of Scouting at Home ideas for Cub Scout Packs:

Cub Scout Program Ideas: COVID-19

  • Build a Kahoot game for different activities/adventure loops/scouting history
  • Virtual scavenger hunt
    • Ex. The first person to bring me a/an ___ gets a point. The person with the most points gets bragging rights
  • Paper airplane contest
  • Outdoor scavenger hunt
    • Send out a list of objects/items to take pictures of and bring to the next virtual meeting. Ex. pinecone, round rock, 5 different shaped leaves, etc.
  • Virtual Pack/Den meeting openings: put together different recordings of scouts saying the pledge, oath, and law and use them for meeting openers.
  • Scout law in action:
    • My family is doing ___ to be Trustworthy during quarantine.
  • Invite people to your den/pack meetings
    • This includes firefighters, nurses, ecotarium employees, police officers, etc.
  •  Make up a secret code and have scouts try and decode it.
  • Prepare a meal (older) or make a nutritious snack (younger)
  • Write thank-you notes
  • Be Prepared: Create/update an emergency preparedness kit for the house
  • Plant a seed: Start a mini in-home garden/plant a flower inside. Discuss what makes plants grow and how to care for plants.
  • Energy-saving projects to do around the house: Discuss what it means to conserve energy and why it’s important.
  • Make a puzzle out of paper (draw/print out a picture and cut it into different pieces. Then number the pieces and try to solve the puzzle with the den)
  • Family history/family tree: discuss where your family comes from and draw your immediate family on a family tree. Share what you found out about your nationality
  • Make a den/pack cookbook with the favorite thing you’ve had/baked during quarantine
  • Take a virtual tour of an aquarium. Talk about the things you’ve learned.
  • Host a song/story night with the pack/den and have scouts share stories or songs they know. Ask in town troop(s) to help put on a skit, story, or song.
  • Take a virtual tour of a National Park. Talk about the things you’ve learned.
  • Create a piece of art, whether a 4 box comic strip, self-portrait, or freestyle image and share with everyone what you did. Host a virtual art show with the art and invite teachers, parents, and local town officials.


Zoom Meeting Scavenger Hunt:

A scout is trustworthy. This means you are honest and can be relied on. For example, if your neighbor went on vacation, you could be trusted with their spare key. Bring me a key.

A scout is loyal. This means you are dedicated to a person or group. Bring me something that shows you’re loyal. It can be an award, belt loop, trophy, or medal.

A scout is helpful: you are giving and ready to help. I bet you and your family have donated money to a charity. Bring me a bill of any kind: 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100.

A scout is friendly: you are kind and pleasant to your friends. Bring me a picture of or a gift from a friend.

A scout is courteous. You are polite and have good manners. For example, when you are eating, you always use a napkin. Bring me a napkin.

A scout is kind. You always behave in a way that shows you care. If a family member were sick, you would bring them something to make them feel better. What is it? Go get it. (medicine)

A scout is obedient. You are willing to follow directions or orders. A scout will clean his room if told to do so. A dog will sit when told to sit. Show me a picture of a dog.

A scout is cheerful. You are happy and a joy to be around. You smile and make others smile. Show me your happy face.

A scout is thrifty. We are learning how to use our money and resources carefully, not to be wasteful. Many families use coupons to help save money. Bring me a coupon.

A scout is brave. Many scouts have or will need to face danger or fear. When a scout gets hurt, they will be brave and keep going but may need first aid. Bring me a Band-Aid or gauze.

A scout is clean. You all are learning to keep your home and belongings safe from germs and dirt. Bring me a broom.

A scout is reverent. This means you show respect. Some show reverence to God or a group of people. Everyone shows reverence to their family. Bring me something that represents your religion or bring me a family photo.


We have ALSO posted ideas for remote programming at the following links: