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District Leadership Structure Changes Coming

Over the past year, a great deal of discussion has ensued regarding the district leadership structure of Mayflower Council. It has become increasingly challenging to fill the many district committee positions and ensure that the support needed for the Scouting program is being provided in the most efficient, effective, and consistent manner. A committee [...]

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“Around The Campfire” Podcast – Episode One

Check out Mayflower Council's "Around The Campfire" Podcast, a new show designed specifically for unit leaders and volunteers. Hosted by Rob DiFazio, an Eagle Scout from East Bridgewater serving on the Membership & Unit Service Team, this episode of the podcast covers a variety of topics, including Webelos to Scout transitions with Wood Badge-trained [...]

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Cranberry Harbors District Feb. 2024 Roundtable

Slides from our February Roundtable are posted below. The following items are also posted: Instructions for nominations for District Awards (District Award of Merit due 3/1, other awards due 3/15.) World Scouting Emblem Fact Sheet Religious Emblems night (2/22 via Zoom) flyer Cranberry Harbors FOS Patch Flyer Our next roundtable is Wed. Mar. 6 at [...]

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Council Service Center Adverse Weather Policy

With the impending snow storm we would like to remind our community about our adverse weather policy.  The council follows the lead of the Milford school system when setting its adverse weather policy.  If Milford Public Schools close, so does the Milford Service Center.  If the Milford Public Schools announce a delay (1 hour [...]

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