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Headwaters February Roundtable Material

It was great seeing everyone at February's Roundtable. We loved all the wonderful ideas about how to keep your units and active over the summer. Many thanks to Hunter for his camp presentation. Below is a link to the slides from the Roundtable. If you have questions, please reach out to the commissioner corps. [...]

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Cranberry Harbors District February Roundtable

Thanks to those who attended our February Roundtable "live" at the North River Community Church, and to those who participated in the hybrid session via Zoom. Slides from the session are posted here, along with the National Hot Topic on Incident Reporting, 2022 Friends of Scouting Flyer and Brochure, and notice of a Troop Trailer [...]

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Tips & Tricks: Let Them See Us At Our BEST!

One of the best ways to promote our programs and encourage new membership is to continuously promote our units and activities to the public. By doing so, we can create several positive outcomes if we show our units, activities, and programs off “at their best.”   Those benefits include:  Increased awareness, participation, and community support [...]

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Did You Know? “Scouting for Boys”

The first installment of BP’s important series hit newsstands 114 years ago… Scouts in the United States celebrate the 1910 incorporation of the BSA on February 8.  However, the genesis of the World Scouting Movement finds historians noting several essentialdates. One of the most important is *January 24, 2008. On that date, Lord Baden [...]

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Temperature Drops But The Fun Factor Stays High

Cub Scouts can #AdventureOn during the winter months… Yes, it’s cold. Yep, it’s snowy. However, just like Scouts BSA, Cub Scouts can still find outdoor fun, too. That was the theme of a recent repost of a 2010 article entitled, “Hot tips for cold-weather fun with Cub Scouts.” For Scouting, Mark Ray wrote: Tim [...]

Scouters: Lots to Learn! Where to Start?

Sometimes, volunteers feel overwhelmed, but some simple steps can help… You’ve seen it. I’ve seen it. We all would like to have it.  In many ways, the “Trained” patch symbolizes adult advancement and achievement. Mostly, it simply means you have “a clue.”  However, it might be the first step to feeling like your work [...]

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Do You Know How A Pinewood Derby Kit Gets Made?

Sure, you might know how a Pinewood Derby car gets made, but how about the actual kit? “Who knows how a Pinewood Derby kit gets made?” Shhh. Put your hands down. Signs up! Okay now. Yes, you know how to build a kit, but do you know how that kit gets made? Well, true [...]

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