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A New Twist On Summer Camp

Mayflower Council is excited to offer Scouts BSA Summer Experience, a re-imagining of the traditional Camp Resolute summer camp program in a daytime-only format. Open to all youth 10 1/2 to 17, Summer Experience delivers a fresh take on the camp we all love using the new Resolute Base Camp. There will be plenty [...]

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Adventures Begin at Resolute Base Camp!

The all-new Resolute Base Camp kicked off on Saturday, May 8 with a weekend program called Outdoor Experience. Participants were excited to be the first ones to climb the monkey bridge, shoot BB guns or throw tomahawks. With eight activity areas to visit, over 40 Scouts and their families had a fun-filled day at [...]

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19 Cub Elective Adventures Retiring in 2022

Every year Cub Scout Adventures are reviewed to identify trends and determine interests of our youth, den leaders and Cub Scout families. In our ongoing efforts to keep the Cub Scouting Adventure program relevant to today’s families, Cub Scout elective Adventures are reviewed for both content and popularity. The most recent review has identified [...]

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International Water Safety Day

International Water Safety Day, May 15, aims to spread water safety education and drowning awareness. Suggested ways to observe the day include: Adults: Update your Safe Swim Defense and/or Safety Afloat training. Units: Present the “Aquatics Safety” Safety Moment at a unit meeting. Cub Scouts: Work on an aquatic-related adventure, such as Floats and [...]

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Cranberry Harbors District May Roundtable

Here is the slide presentation and other items from our May Roundtable.  Remember to sign up for the District Annual Meeting and Recognition Event on May 19 - sign up link is on the Council Calendar. MayRT_Slides_Final MaySafetyMoment_AHMR Camping With A Pack

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Camp Squanto Virtual Update May 24

Thank you for your interest in attending Camp Squanto for the 2021 summer season. We continue to work diligently with the Town of Plymouth Department of Public Health and in accordance with the changing reopening guidance from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with respect to the camping and youth services sector to determine how we [...]

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Council Staff Realignment

Over the past several years, the Mayflower Council has struggled to achieve measurable gains in many of the initiatives stated in our Long-Range Strategic Plan, which mirrors the four functions of Scouting: Membership; Program; Fundraising; and Unit Service. While some of the obstacles we faced were beyond our control, there were challenges that kept [...]

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