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Scouting For “Unbored” Kids In The Winter

A helpful post from Scouting Magazine outlines information about boredom… We’re just a few days into winter, and my kids are already tearing the paint off the walls. Beyond school break and the COVID caution, we’re all staring at each other a whole lot. Looking for relief during the holiday vacation, we found a [...]

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So Far, So Good: A New Scoutmaster’s Story

Via storytelling, this concise, helpful book tackles the wide breadth of emotions that come with being a Scouter… I found it! For several weeks since becoming a leader in my son’s Scout troop, I looked for some reading that would help me sort out the many observations, emotions, and lessons that popped into my [...]

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Summer 2022: Seven Weeks at Camp Squanto

New video highlights Mayflower Council’s 650-acre destination for adventure… Hey, did you know it’s winter? “Wonderful” snow, sleet, and freezing temps for at least a few more months. As the commercial jokes, “495 is a pahhhhking lot.” YUCK! And now, with the holidays in the rearview, we need something significant to look forward to; [...]

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Scouts BSA: Opportunities for All

Scouting opens opportunities for all people, young and old… Looking back over the last couple of years, one video produced by the Boy Scouts of America really hit a nail on the head. Talking to Scouters from around the country, the clip begins with the quote, “Scouting opens up a lot of opportunities… you [...]

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The Joy of Dutch-oven Cooking

This time-honored Scout tradition need not wait until your next campout… At our most recent Scout Troop Court of Honor, among various and sundry cookies and brownies and doughnuts, there was one, very popular, dessert.  Prepared by our Scoutmaster (and Eagle Scout), his Pineapple upside-down cake went fast.A BSA tradition, pineapple upside-down cake is [...]

Exploring The History of Scouts BSA

It’s pretty easy to find articles and videos about the beginning of the World Scouting Movement and its “uncle” Lieutenant General Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell — Baden Powell or “BP” (Be Prepared) for short. It’s a little more challenging to get to brass tax about the origins of scouting in the United States. [...]

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The BSA Uniform: Always In Style

From Army hand-me-downs to Oscar de la Renta, the Boy Scout uniform is, itself, a story…  As you put on your Scout uniform, did you ever catch yourself wondering, how did we get here? After all, it’s one of the most iconic ensembles on earth. No matter where you’re from, everyone can picture a [...]

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What is a Pinewood Derby Garage?

Cub Scout Pack 3104 in Hudson prepares for the big race… For the majority of Cub Scouts, two words bring visions of pole positions, paint jobs, and – principally – victory. “Pinewood Derby.” Unfortunately, for many Cub Scout parents, those words (needlessly) bring sheer terror. Not because the day is a bore. No, there’s [...]

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Mayflower Council YouTube: What is Cub Scouts?

New video explains the Scouts BSA program designed for kids in K - 5th grade… For those of us who grew up in Scouting wearing a blue and gold uniform, the question seems – well – unnecessary? However, it’s important to understand that a whole new generation of children is coming to Scouts BSA. [...]

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Scouting for Inspiration: Hannah Holmes

One year ago, this Scout became the first girl to earn all of Scouts BSA’s 137 merit badges. Each week at troop meetings around the country, scouts do amazing things. However, sometimes a Scout does something so unique, unprecedented, that ABC News calls. One such accomplishment occurred last year, when a home-schooled lone scout [...]

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