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Cranberry Harbors Commissioners

Asst. District Commissioners Dennis Gleason (Roundtable) David Hosford Kevin Radford Unit Commissioners Roundtable Commissioners Mark Henderson ALyssa Baracewicz Margaret Hillman Will Berggren Mike Josti Cory Mace John Knox Vincent Thornton John Lyne Rick Robbins Rocky Smith Stephen Trimble

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Cranberry Harbors District Committee

David Hosford Asstisant District Chair Michelle Joyce Assistant District Chair Open Fiance Chair Michelle Joyce Activities Co-chair Michele Mott  Activities Co-chair David Winters  Advancement Chair Brian Duane  Camping Chair Kevin Radford Training Chair David Hosford  Membership Chair Michael Josti  Nominations Members at Large Rick Robbins Charlie Murphy Jack Foley John Lyne Grayce Troiano Ellen [...]

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Unit Type Unit Number Town Family Pack or Boy Pack Unit Type Unit Number Town Scouts BSA Pack 1 Brockton Boy Troop 1 Brockton Boy Pack 2 Weymouth Boy Troop 1 Brockton Girl Pack 9 Weymouth Boy Troop 2 Weymouth Boy Pack 12 Rockland Family Troop 8 Weymouth Boy Pack 19 Braintree Boy Troop [...]

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Sachem District Committee

Officers District Chair Sal Salvatori District Commissioner Dave Emhardt Finance Chair Vacant Membership Chair Frank Ray Camping Chair Steven Bailey Advancement Chair Mark Jennings Activies Chair Dan Toy Training Chair Rob Lyons Civic Service Chair Louise Goodwin Religious Emblems Chair Kate Anderson Popcorn Kernel Kathryn Caruso Members at Large Gene Avrus Richard Carlson David [...]

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Sachem District/Unit Commissioners

Position Area Covered Name District Commissioner Dave Emhardt Asst. District Commissioner Internet Tools Hank Goldman Asst. District Commissioner Bridgewater Jim Hogrell Sr. Asst. District Commissioner Weymouth Vacant Roundtable Commissioner Cub Scouting Beverly Levine Roundtable Commissioner Scouts BSA, Venturing, Sea Scouting Henry Colageo Unit Town Unit Commissioner Unit Town Unit Commissioner P1 Brockton Steve Boudreau [...]

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November Roundtable

Below are the event flyers, training newsletters and other information from our November Roundtable. Wood Badge Brochure Scouts BSA Training Day - 2019-11-09 Reporting Community Service Hours update 2019 Philmont 2020 Flyer - Girl Troop P-Bruins November Schedule Membership Fees Additional Disclosures and Background Check Authorization Mayflower training news Nov 19 LNT May 2020 Freeze [...]

2019-2020 District Nomination Forms

Below you will find nomination forms for recognizing Scouters at the unit and district levels.  As well as Nationally recognized nomination forms. Nomination form for District Awards - Due by February 15th Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Venturing Crew Advisor , Committee Chair (for any Unit) and Charter Organization Representative of the Year Awards Unsung Hero Award [...]

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Background Check Disclosures/Authorization FAQ

Please note this information cannot be distributed with the original message or in any message with the disclosure forms due to laws specific to the transmission of these documents.   Is the BSA doing credit checks on volunteers? No. The BSA will only use these signed authorization forms for approval to obtain a criminal background [...]

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