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Is It Scouting?

What is an official Scouting activity? An official Scouting activity is consistent with the values, charter and bylaws, rules and regulations, operations manuals, and applicable literature of the Boy Scouts of America. So, what is the program of the BSA? Collectively, it is all the books, literature, training, materials, policies, and guidelines provided by [...]

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Celebration Event For The Inaugural Class

Mark your calendars for a special event celebrating leadership with America’s First Female Eagle Scouts. On the evening of February 21, 2021, at 8 pm Eastern, the BSA will mark this historic milestone. Plus, Scouts across the nation will be invited to join a national call to service in 2021. Help us ensure every [...]

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Donate To A Salute To Scouting In Westborough

Thank you for watching A Salute To Scouting In Westborough. We hope you enjoyed the salute to Scouting in Westborough.  Your donation is very much appreciated and necessary to achieve our fundraising goal. We hope we can count on your support. As all funds benefit Mayflower Council, your contribution is tax-deductible.On behalf of The Westborough Good [...]

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Our Scouts Continue To Shatter Records

Over $121,000 sold online! Mayflower Council Scouts are doing amazing! Let's keep this total growing. Trail’s End is launching new incentives to help Scouts hit their goals before the holidays. Your unit will receive an additional $25 Gift Card for every $750 in Online Direct Sales between Thursday, November 5 (8 PM EST) [...]

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