Would you like to learn how you can safely manage or staff Cope and Climbing programs for your camp, district or unit? Join fellow Scouters this spring for a 2 weekend training course on 5/29-31 and 6/12-14.  The Spirit of Adventure Council is hosting this training.  It will be held at Base Camp, 411 Unquity Road, Milton, MA.

This course will help you to solidify your climbing knowledge and skills.  It will cover current policies and standards of  the Boy Scouts of America climbing program.

This course is intended for anyone 15 years of age or older  (age exceptions with course leaders consent).

While there is an advantage to having a climbing background, one is not required.

You are welcome to bring your own climbing gear (harness, helmet and climbing shoes), but it is not required.  All gear that is required for the completion of this course will be provided.

Upon successful completion of this course, based on experience, judgement and skill displayed, you will receive a certificate as a “BSA Climbing/Cope Instructor 1 (good for 1 year) or 2 (good for 3 years).    Previously trained level 1 or 2 may use this course to be re-evaluated.

Lodging and meals for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are included.

The cost for this course is:  $125.00

For more information, please contact Mike Jones.