Sure, you might know how a Pinewood Derby car gets made, but how about the actual kit?

“Who knows how a Pinewood Derby kit gets made?”

Shhh. Put your hands down. Signs up!

Okay now. Yes, you know how to build a kit, but do you know how that kit gets made?

Well, true to form, Scout Life magazine (yes, it’s the same publication you read as Boys’ Life) has the answer.

From Forest to Finish Line

SL’s Bryan Wendell wrote:

Even before you open the box, your Pinewood Derby car has traveled thousands of miles. The journey begins in a forest in Idaho. The wood blocks travel to Indiana, where they are packaged and shipped. Finally, they arrive at your local Scout shop. The rest is up to you and your parents or guardians. Cutting, sanding, painting and racing is the best part.

I must recommend the whole article, because the photos are pretty cool.

But they included a video, which is pretty cool, too – all 73 second of it:

Making a Pinewood Derby Kit in Just 73 Seconds

However, for those of you who are still reading along and could use some real tips on assembling the kit, we can help there, too.

In this vintage video, “A former NASA engineer explains 7 steps that are scientifically proven to help you build a fast Pinewood Derby car for your next race.”

Scout Life magazine presented the below video in 2014.

The Science of Making the Fastest Pinewood Derby

Meanwhile, if you weren’t quick enough, check out the 7 steps, below: