More than 60 Eagle Scouts and family members gathered at the Franklin Country Club on Saturday, August 18th for the Mayflower’s inaugural Gathering of Eagles. The council’s NESA Committee sponsored the event to honor the council’s Class of 2017-2018 Eagle Scouts with a BBQ lunch. The event brought together Eagles from across the council for fellowship, to celebrate, share stories, and enjoy good food. Retired Army Major Richard Keogh reflected on earning his Eagle Scout badge during a brief ceremony. “The skills you learn becoming an Eagle Scout may change, but the values do not,” said MAJ Keogh, inspiring Eagles young and old. At the end of the luncheon, the Eagles rededicated their commitment to the Eagle Badge and to Scouting. All attendees received an event patch. Many thanks to Matthew Boczanowski and Sean Riley, event organizers, and the entire NESA Committee for their effort. A special thanks goes out to all Mayflower Gathering of Eagles attendees, supporters and sponsors.