International Water Safety Day, May 15, aims to spread water safety education and drowning awareness.

Suggested ways to observe the day include:

  • Adults: Update your Safe Swim Defense and/or Safety Afloat training.
  • Units: Present the “Aquatics Safety” Safety Moment at a unit meeting.
  • Cub Scouts: Work on an aquatic-related adventure, such as Floats and Boats (Tigers), Spirit of the Water (Wolves), Salmon Run (Bears), or Aquanaut (Webelos/Arrow of Light).
  • Scouts BSA: Work on an aquatic-related merit badge, such as Lifesaving or Swimming.
  • Sea Scouts: Review a Sea Scout Safety Moment video, such as Life Jackets or 10 Boating Essentials.
  • Venturers & Explorers: Review Safe Swim Defense principles and plan a safe aquatic activity for the summer.

Find more tools on the BSA Aquatics Resources webpage.